Fighting The Battle

Fighting the Battle

When one hears the word cancer they automatically assume the worst and the first thing that may come to mind is death. Many people are frightened by this word but very few fight the battle to until the very end. My parents brought me up to be a fighter. They instilled me with ambition and determination. So if I were to be diagnosed with a deadly disease I would suit up for battle.

Being diagnosed by only one doctor may seem like the decision to make but actually I would try to see as many doctors as I could. I would have them run many different tests to see if any of the observations between all them are in sync with one another. I feel that maybe my disease may have a pattern or any other signs that could be detected early on in the cancer stage. This could surely help to eliminate cancer early on and prevent the long battle from happening.

Research is the key to obtaining information about anything that one wants to learn about and therefore is very important in this type of situation. If one wanted to know why the sky was blue then they would look it up. That’s the approach I would take in finding out about my disease. There would be so many questions I would have, questions that maybe the doctors can not explain or give a clear cut answer to. This is why research is so essential. In battle one should always have so sort of idea of how the enemy operates.

I’m pretty sure that I would not be the only one with my disease so I would reach out to others that are sharing the same fate as me. In a way I feel like this would be considered rounding up the troops. I would speak to them and encourage them to keep going and don’t give up the fight. I would as create a group that would be willing to conduct a research project on our disease. This will help us to all understand what exactly is going on inside our body, how we can find ways to start the healing process and could help serve as a guide for future persons who are dealing with the disease. I also feel that this could lessen some of the stress of having to deal with the issue alone. I’ve always found that a good support system can help anyone succeed and achieve goals. Supporting one another could make the impossible possible.

There are many scientist and researchers out there that are looking for cures for deadly diseases everyday. Instead of sitting around and waiting for someone else to find that solution, why not make the solving process easier. I would want to get involved, help conduct studies, run tests and record daily activities. I would just want to help save a life even if it might not be my own, at least I would help to save one.

Everyone in this world is different in their own way. I do think that it would be a challenge to find treatment that would suit every single person with the disease, so I would conduct something that resembles a survey. I would find as many treatments that are as affective and personally try them all. One may suit me more than the other or the may all equally appeal to me. I would then ask my fellow soldiers to do the same, ask them to choose which treatment suits them best. But I would definitely need some help to do this so that is where the scientist and researchers would come in. Comparing results could help lead to an advancement for a cure.

With these steps I would be close toward finishing the battle but not quite there. Mentally preparing myself for whatever the future has in store for me will be my hardest task. Not knowing whether or not I’m going to live to see another day or not will definitely cross my mind. But my suggestion would be to just take things a day at a time. I feel that in this type of situation that taking things slowly could lead to success instead of blindly moving at a fast pace. And positive and deep meditation can help me to get through each day.

Optimism is a key to living a long and healthy life or at least that is what I was told while growing up. And in James “Rhio” O’Connor’s case it was proven to be true. I would try to surround myself with as much positive energy as possible. I would always try to be there for my fellow troops in battle and encourage them to fight on. I truly believe that with positive thoughts there are endless possibilities. Religion will play a huge role in my battle. Being a Christian will make the fight somewhat easier than if I were going at it alone. Having faith through a time like this would be a challenge, after all I am human. I would probably have negative thoughts at times and would want to give up. This is where deep prayer and meditation would come in and play a role in my fight. Without God I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make it very far. I know that my family would also be behind me in this process but God would be there while I’m walking this earth and after I leave it. This is why I feel he is the greatest supporter of all.

So the battle may seem long and tedious but it would not be impossible. With the support of everyone, my family, my friends and fellow troops I would succeed. From the research phase through heavy meditation, I would make the most of my disease. If for some reason my fight ends before the battle is over I would at least leave this planet with a smile on my face. Because not only did I fight the battle for myself, I fought for everyone that could not fight for themselves. I would have won the real battle.

By: Brown, Shakiyla

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