It Gives Me Hope

This scholarship is honestly the most touching I have came across. It truly touched me how Mr. James O’Connor fought for his life. I know for a fact how hurtful cancer can be for people and their loved ones. I had an close relative who had breast cancer and died off it. Reading Mr. James O’Connor story touched me, because he fought for his life. Sometimes cancer takes control over so many people lives but Mr. James O’Connor took control of it. It gives me hope, and should give others hope and expired them the way it has for me.

The steps I would take if I got diagnosed with a dire cancer prognosis I would honestly be devastated. The first thing I would do is talk more to my doctor and scientist on ways to prevent it from taking away my life. Second I would do research of my own same as Mr.Connor. Knowing about the disease would help me know more about what I am dealing with, and also read stories about others who have had it. Third I would let my love ones know the issue and be strong for them. If my family sees me down then that would probable make them just as down as I would be. Sometimes our issues as people can affect the ones around us. And even if I was hurting inside I would not want to be weak for my family and friends. And last but least I would want to know the truth I would get prepared for what is next. Meaning whether it was bad, or good. Just be calm and be blessed that I got to experienced this much of life and except god plan he has for me.

The way I would conduct my research and make an informed decision when choosing a treatment would be by talking one on one with my doctors, family and friends. I would get my doctors opinion on what they think would be best for me and for my life to fight this battle. I would want to know about each treatment detailed and all, that way I can talk to my family and friends and get an input from them. That way if I am not for sure, or don’t understand something they can guide and give me their thoughts. What ever treatments I decide I would look for information on online, a library or from someone who has actually experienced it. I feel like no one has the best advice on something, in less that have experience it or knew someone who has.

If there was little to offer I am not sure if I would look beyond chemo, radiation and surgery It would have to determine on what the outcome of it would be. If it could make my condition worse, then I probable would not. I wouldn’t want anything to to put me in a more worsen situation then I was in. It is always good to do research and get feedback from other doctors so I would do that before making an final decision. It’s a big decision to make I would do a lot of thinking, and researching before making such a life changing decision.

My main resources I would use to make an informed decision as on what to do is listening to my heart, doing what I feel god wants me too do. Like I said before getting thoughts from people I know the most like my doctors and family and friends. Sometimes we as individuals need support and advice from others. Cancer is a serious thing that no one should have to go through along.

I give my heart out to everyone who has experience cancer, its truly emotional for me to talk about cancer because of the lost of my close family member. I wish I had the motivation as Mr. O’Connor had, so that way I would have been able to help my cousin who died of it fight for her life. I respect Mr. O’Connor a lot, this is an really touching scholarship, and I feel blessed to have came across it. Even if I don’t win I am happy I got to share my story and give my thoughts on what I would do if I was put in that situation. I hope that other students was touched about this story same as I. Thank you for taking the time reading my essay.

By: Gibson, Kayla

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