A++ Essays – James “Rhio” O’Connor Memorial Scholarship Winners – Year

The Cancer Monthly Scholarship Committee would like to thank all of the 1,500+ applicants who participated in this extraordinary essay contest.  Many essays were profoundly insightful and deeply personal.  Judging was difficult, but the winners were selected based on style, content, grammar and originality.

Below is the list of winners.  Please note the following:

1) Winners will be contacted between June 17th and June 25th to verify status and mailing address to receive their scholarship.

2) This website only contains winners 1st through 5th place and a sampling of the more than 1,500 Entries.  Other entries are posted on their respective websites.  The Honorable Mention winners are not listed.  Embedded links may or may not be included.

First Prize – $5,000

Teresa Hanson 

Second Prize – $2,000

Nicholas Andrei Giovanni Bellinson 

Third Prize $1,000

Rachel Ravina

Fourth Prize $500 each (four winners)

Kaitlyn Kooser

Benjamin Pomerance 

Donna Memmott 

Leslie Lintner

Fifth Place $100 each (10 winners)

Paola Katherine Eisner

Céline Ruth Bossart (essay removed by request of author)

Sandee Rampton

Judy Wu

Joshua Chu

Natasha Chase  

Brandon Sherrod

Diane Carrico

Jasmine McDuffie

Elyse Hickman 

Honorable Mention $75 each (100 Winners)

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