“A Walk Of Faith”

“A Walk of Faith”

Every person is faced with trials and tribulations to overcome. James “Rhio” O’Connor was diagnosed with an incurable disease which encouraged him to find ways to pursue a longer life. O’Connor studied theories and philosophies, as well as talking to many doctors to pursue a longer life for himself. In the end, he was able to create his own equation with his intellectual effort. With O’Connor’s innovative efforts, he has encouraged me to make implications on different things I would do if I was diagnosed with an incurable disease. I, like Rhio, would find extraordinary ways to outlive my prognosis. I would take 3 steps to overcome my prognosis by conducting an open survey, conducting my own research with diagnosed doctors and patients, and non – detrimental treatments. I would also attempt to second guess Chemo and look into different procedures, as well as spices, herbs and proteins to see if they will have an affect on my diagnosis. O’ Connor would also influence me to take the extra mile by sharing my knowledge through my own non – profit organization which could fundraise for cancer patients who are not financially stable and sponsor a walk biannually.

I would start off my first mission with the first step of conducting an open survey titled “Do or Die.” The title explains the overall thought of your decision. Are you going to do something about your disease, or are you going to wait for your death. I would survey 50 to 60 men and women. The survey would consist of questions like,” What would you do if you had an incurable cancer? Would you let your family members and loved ones become aware? What would you do differently if you were given a certain amount of years to live? Would you find painless treatments to outlive your cancer, and what things would you find intriguing to increase your health?” The purpose of my survey is not only out of curiosity, but to also study other people point of views, opinions, and emotions about an incurable disease. The survey should illustrate in one’s mind that if they did have cancer, they should be willingly to make an effort to outlive their cancer like O’Connor.

The second step of my mission to outlive my incurable cancer is by conducting research with diagnosed doctors and patients. I chose fewer patients than doctors because I would study more on what the doctors have decided to do about their life, and what are they going to do to help the other patients. I would compare everyone long and short term affects. I would study the diagnosed doctors and patients affects to determine if one’s term is more detrimental than another. Examining their eating habits, blood pressure, and exercising habits is something else I would look into consideration. After examining their habits, and pressure, I should be able to determine how much blood is running through their heart and circulatory system.

The third step of my mission would be more self calming and relaxing. I would look into activities such as water aerobics, massage therapy, scuba diving, and cancer organizations, and I would seek a guidance counselor for words of wisdom, motivation and encouragement. I would also go attend yoga, pottery and art classes. These activities that I would set for myself are some things that I find calming, interactive, and relaxing. Overall, these missions would help give me better understanding of my incurable ideas to live longer, but I would not stop here.

I would go beyond Chemo to overcome my incurable prognosis. Most methods of Chemo therapy are often painful. I would look at procedures that are used overseas in different continents and countries because they may have procedures and information that United States are not aware of. If procedures and formulas were put together, a cure could be used to cure other sicknesses. Spices, proteins and herbs are a unique thing I would look into because there are certain remedies that are known to be found in them. Looking at different procedures outside of the country, studying different spices, herbs and proteins wouldn’t be some of the sources I would look into before taking Chemo.

O’Connor would inspire me to take the extra mile to start my own non – profit organization which would fundraise for patients who are in a financial bind, start programs within the hospital for patients who are bed written and sponsor a walk for patients called “O’Connor Walk of Faith”. The fundraiser is for cancer patients who are in a financial bind and cannot afford insurance, medicine and medical procedures. The fundraiser would consist of sugar free candy to sell, and different art crafts made by cancer patients. The homemade art crafts would consist of something such as teddy bears and quilts. Some programs that I would have for the cancer patients that are bed written can enjoy the options of exercise and treatment rehabs. Other activities would include an arcade room, and certain small enjoyable occupations around the hospital that would keep the patients calm and relaxed. The non – profit organization would also sponsor middle school, high school and college undergraduate students through health events to raise awareness of health issues. Students that are 18 and up that are in either high school or college can become a member of the non – profit organization. The volunteers will assist with the cancer patients. The volunteers would assist to the cancer patients by washing clothes, fixing food, and assisting personal business for the patients. The members would receive community service hours in result of helping the cancer patients. The organization would also sponsor a walk biannually. The walk would be available for non – diagnosed members and cancer patients. The admission for non – cancer patients is six dollars to symbolize six years plus that O’Connor outlived cancer. If a cancer patient completes ten miles or more, the patient would go down in the “O’Connor Walk of Faith” history and receive a plaque. All members who are in the race would also receive a shirt that has “iBELIEVE” to symbolize all of O’Connor ways to determination to outlive an incurable cancer.

O’Connor determination has inspired people in the same predicament to set long and short term goals for themselves. His works alone have set great standards for many cancer patients across the country. This standard motivates all cancer patients that they are willing to be proactive. His intellectual skills prove that you can make something out of your self and change is possible. Even though I am not diagnosed, James O’Connor has motivated and influenced me to encourage people with cancer, and to inspire them that it is possible to live longer than expected despite of your trials and tribulations.

By: Bradford, Sa’Myra

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