Life: Our Advantage

Life: Our Advantage

If ever there was more beauty in our galaxy, it is the little speckle called life, and our ability to protect it can be our most important advantage. The story of Rhio O’Connor is one of the elite examples of a motivated individual’s ability to push the boundaries of life. The news of mesothelioma cancer to many would result in hopelessness and despair, yet to Rhio O’Connor inspirations of living beyond medical predictions, and laying down a path for others was aspired. If I was ever placed in his shoe, I would hope to be as resilient and inspirational for not only myself, but my family as well. To me, all life is an obstacle, and we are given the tools to reach incredible heights if we are devoted. If I ever had cancer my only wish would be for cancer to ignite the spark within my soul to help not only myself, but millions of others in anyway possible.

As a child growing up in Sulaimaniyah, Iraq, my parents sacrificed their lives to bring me to The United States in order for me to acquire a quality education. Since the beginning of my education in America, I have continuously over achieved all my academic obstacles in hopes of making my parents proud. Cancer, however, could be a daunting road block in my journey to success. Yet from the inspirations of Rhio O’Connor, cancer could also be an opportunity to show my enormous gratitude towards my parents. I would be able to take my parents lessons of creating my own trail and use them as tools for living a joyful life.

The steps I would take if prognosis would be to strengthen my mental heath because with a strong, open-minded mindset, nothing is impossible. I would begin by understanding the important aspects of my life such as my family, and use them as a reservoir of inspiration. I have always been a believer that strength comes from substance, and my strength to fight cancer could only come from my family and friends. They are the reason why I have been able to stray away from dangerous paths in my life and I feel I owe it to them to fight for life.

Similar to Rhio O’Connor, I would hope to make a difference in the world in any way possible. I would study, in depth, the treatments of cancer as well as hope to learn as much as I can about the different solutions available because life is precious and one must do everything within his or her power to save it. Moreover, since my adolescence I have been intrigued by computer science. The world is transforming at a rapid rate and I believe computer scientist could be the vehicles in helping and advancing to find a cure for cancer. If time allows, I would use my skills as a computer science major, and seek new ways in helping scientists and doctors all over the world intertwine to problem solve and find a cure. Most importantly, even if I am incapable of intertwining the science community, I would leave with a mind set on changing the world rather than feeling sorry for my situation because, to me, the mindset of change is the result of success.

In hopes of defeating cancer, I would try to use a mixture of radiation and chemo therapy. Although, chemotherapy would cause my body to drain energy, I would have a light exercise routine each day to gradually increase my body’s energy. In addition, I would be on a balanced diet. I understand sometimes cancer can make a person lose their appetite, but by eating with loved ones I believe it’s possible to stay motivated and healthy. I would also keep away from certain radiations because many make the individual radioactive which means I would not have anyone to lean on or to hold in times of pain. Therefore, I believe some radioactive treatments should not be used. Having a person to lean on is an extremely strong factor in fighting cancer because loneliness could cause instability within a person’s mindset.

Another important aspect I would focus on is having faith in a higher being. Without faith, one has to subdue to becoming a realist with no sense of optimism for the afterlife. I understand that with trust in my soul, and trust in a higher power, I gain optimism that nothing is impossible. Aside from chasing my dream of helping out the world, I would also enjoy life to a broader extent by seeing the details. I believe after experiencing a struggle with life, we see the beauty of life in small details.

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By: Ahmady, Shivan

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