“Mesotheiloma + Metamorphous = Mesotheliorpheous”

“Mesotheiloma + Metamorphous = Mesotheliorpheous”

Where are the people who can persevere at!? Every decade there are few people one hears of that truly embody the word perseverance. To persevere is maintain ones purpose through difficult times, and a person who embodies this word is James “Rhio” O’Conner. James O’Conner was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a very deadly cancer, and was given a year to live. Being a true example of perseverance he broke past the one-year prognosis he was given by relentlessly researching into mesothelioma independently. Hearing his of story gives one source of rejuvenation, letting all know that success can come from ones obstacles if one continues to not entertain the idea of failure. If I were put in Mr. O’Conner’s position I would be diligent in my quest to find a cure for mesothelioma through independent study as well…but I would also inform educate others on the seriousness of mesothelioma.

The first three questions I would ask myself once I was diagnosed with mesothelioma are…What is mesothelioma? , How does this disease develop? , and Which locations is it prevalent in. With much research I would find out that mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is usually caused by exposure to asbestos. Asbestos is found in places such as shipyards, hazardous manufacturing sites and in over seven hundred thousand schools in the United States. From there I would research every school I have attended and check their levels of asbestos exposure. After that, I’d contact that school and alert them of the presence of asbestos and inform them of my condition. Additionally, I would offer to give an informative mesothelioma prevention tutorial. Informing not only the children but educators on mesothelioma, not only strengthens educators and students mental capacity but their physical, once informed on the effect of asbestos when in contact with people, I would only imagine the school board remodel the school making it an asbestos-free zone. Hopefully, the seminar would prevent countless children and educators from enduring this cancerous malady. Like Maya Angelou says, when one knows better they do better.

Moreover, after finding the origin of where my disease was caused I would look into treatment options. The conventional treatments for mesothelioma are usually through chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation. These treatments are used for general practice. If I had peritoneal mesothelioma, which is mesothelioma found in the abdomen, I would use an abdomen specific treatment to slow the spread of the cancer that is through antibiotic injections by needle. Aside from the conventional treatments, the usual alternatives are acupuncture, reflexology, and yoga. Most of these treatments are used to release pain in areas where the disease has spread. This form of alternative treatment is more of a holistic remedy to re-structure patients mind sets. I personally, I would combine the alternative treatment with experimental treatments. Going to aromatherapy sessions, smelling the freshness scents, and the use of yoga as well. Also, being a man of strong Christian faith I would massive amount of time of prayer and meditation; furthermore, I would calisthenics, water aerobics, and other lightweight sports to maintain my strength. My goal would be to schedule searching for more information on mesothelioma, and constantly pray for a cure. Moreover, I would attempt to start a mesothelioma campaign attempting to get communities involved with learning of this illness. I would do my best to persevere like Rhio, not only in taking care of myself but the general public around me as well arming them with knowledge. The ways I would inform the general public would be by creating a website and posting as new information on mesothelioma, the background on it’s history, and a personal testimony on the page. Also I would have reference links to website to my social networks such as my facebook, twitter, etc. Dialogue with not only people wanting to know about mesothelioma, but patients with the disease. I want look into starting a support group with others with mesothelioma, getting them in contact with others dealing with the same.

The position Rhio was put in was a conundrum most people would not imagine themselves being in. What he did after being put in that position most people would not do. When human beings are challenged in any way, shape, or form, our bodies go into what is commonly known as “ Fight or Flight” where ones adrenaline pumps giving them the energy to run away from a challenge or fight. It is clear Rhio is a fighter by how he reacted to his challenge; he could have easily shutdown and gave up, running away from his problem. But, he chose to fight for what he believed in persevered. We can learn much from Rhio’s story of perseverance. Next time adversity rises in ones life remember to never give up and persevere like James “Rhio” O’Conner.

By: Anderson, Kolawole

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