March Towards The Ocean Of Miracles!

“If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them. When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or fight like hell.” (Armstrong) This encouraging quote was said by Lance Armstrong, someone who gives credit to the truth that cancer is only a word, not a sentence. Many of us recognize cancer as the infamous disease that slowly devours the body, and can easily make a person lose all hope. Unfortunately, I have seen how this progressive illness has affected numerous lives, including those belonging to very special people in my life. Its implications are poignant, and the lives it has consumed are many. However, cancer is not so intimidating in the face of determination to overcome it. If I were to ever struggle with this notorious disease, the path that I would take to defeat it is one filled with understanding about my particular cancer, an all-natural program, and most importantly, an absolute faith in God, who is the best healer of all.

First of all, I deeply believe that in order to combat cancer, I must be enlightened about it; I would research my cancer extensively in order to formulate a procedure to conquer it. The first step in my quest to beat cancer would be to ask many questions to my physician about the nature of cancer and its effect in my body. Similarly, I would read in-depth about my ailment, its characteristics and manifestations. In addition, I would seek knowledge from those who have overcome cancer by joining an association of cancer remission patients and allowing myself to be guided the correct way to confront it. Most importantly, I would operate the tumor if possible, as long as the risks that the operation entailed did not depress my quality of life. Nonetheless, I would refuse chemotherapy and radiation because these treatments reduce the quality of life and are not curative. Additionally, I would seek optimism in the success of James “Rhio” O’Connor, a prime example of a man whose conscientiousness and fortitude allowed him to beat any odds and live six years more than was expected. This amazing realization is accredited to the time he spent researching his disease, mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the internal organs which occurs when exposed to asbestos I realize that knowledge is always a very powerful tool and that I cannot conform to any given prognosis because there have been many people whose determination and awareness have allowed them to live many more unexpected years. These testimonials will give me a confidence that I too, have a reasonable chance of surviving cancer if I familiarize myself suitably with it.

In the same manner, I would incorporate all that I know about my cancer into my life and follow a natural, organic regime because I sincerely believe that nature is the root for the most wholesome, healthy life. To illustrate this point, I once heard a powerful testimonial from a woman at my church who had survived ovarian cancer by drinking various fruit and vegetable juices every hour for several days in conjunction with an organic diet and by staying at a resort where she was free from stress and able to recuperate in the purity of nature. Although this path may seem unorthodox, an empirical study of 25 years showed that patients who undergo chemotherapy and/or radiation do not necessarily live longer than those who do not and that sometimes, those who follow a natural lifestyle actually live longer. (Griffin) The truth is that chemotherapy actually impairs one’s own immune system and causes a myriad of unpleasant side-effects including vomiting, lethargy, and bone marrow depression. To begin with, every day, I would eat a completely raw diet consisting of many sprouted grains, fruits and vegetables. Raw food is much more nutritive than cooked food because it contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytochemicals in its entirety; if you plant a cooked seed, it will not grow, but if you plant a raw seed, with care it will flourish into a plant, because its life source is still intact. I would eliminate all red meat because it forms ammonia when digested, and this chemical is carcinogenic. Instead, I’d eat fresh fish with Omega-3’s which support heart and brain health and aid in reducing factors associated with inflammation and cancer. My treatment will rely heavily on carrot juice. Every day, I would take this drink three times before my vegetarian meal because carrots contain high levels of Vitamin A, which sustains the immune system by helping it perform at its peak. Also, when subjected to carcinogens, this vitamin has a remarkable ability to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors. My next stride would be to remove completely all empty calories and sugars which yield no nutrition. As a matter of fact, 25 teaspoons of sugar paralyze 92% of the body’s immune system for five hours! In light of this shocking fact, I would steer away from any habits that jeopardize my much needed immune system. Aside from my nutrition, I would exercise outside regularly to sweat out any impurities in my body. I would breathe deeply in oxygen-rich areas like the beach or the park to induce circulation and cleanse the lungs; an astounding fact is that cancer cannot develop in the presence of oxygen. Likewise, plants, trees, and soil all carry electrical frequencies, so I would also choose to garden barefoot to balance the electrical frequency of my body which can become disturbed and provoke illness. Finally, I would drink Red Clover tea every morning and night on an empty stomach. Red Clover is an extraordinary plant that has been used for centuries in America for its ability to treat cancer; it contains biotin, choline, copper, coumarins, glycosides, magnesium, inositol, manganese and selenium along with many other essential vitamins. (Hoover) I would follow this method unswervingly because I adhere to the principal that my body has been designed to cure itself so long as I provide it with the resources granted by nature.

Above all, I would confront my battle with cancer assured that God is in control and confident in His power to heal. Although I cannot anticipate the future, I will live peacefully knowing that God is all-powerful and will weave my recovery with His golden thread. In my opinion, it is foolish to live in restlessness; after all, when one has done everything humanly possible, the last thing to do is place one’s anxieties in God’s hands and live knowing that He will act appropriately. It is my profound faith that makes any physical ailment seem minute, because nothing in this world is bigger or more potent than faith and trust in a higher being. I have stood in awe many times by the serenity that has emanated from very ill people, but I have come to realize that God gives us no burden that we cannot handle. If life seems too unbearable, it is God’s way of testing us to prove to ourselves that we are stronger than we think and to reveal to us that life is too precious to acquiesce to an adversary without strife. This notion is profoundly illustrated by Epictetus, a Greek philosopher who said, “Difficulties show men what they are. In case of any difficulty remember that God has pitted you against a rough antagonist that you may be a conqueror, and this cannot be without toil.” (Epictetus) Truly, an unwavering faith in God will give me the strength to oppose my cancer, peace to accept what I cannot change, and comfort in knowing that God cares about my welfare.

In conclusion, the great plans that God has for us are within our reach but sadness and desperation do not allow us to realize them. The best approach is to stop mourning and put our hearts in tune with our Creator to grasp the antidote to our suffering. My revolutionary struggle with cancer would transform me into a more knowledgeable person with a greater appreciation for life and God. No matter the outcome of my arduous endeavor, I’d feel proud of the way in which I approached my condition. Like James “Rhio” O’Connor, my venture with cancer would be a remarkable manifestation of how the fortitude of a human being can refute any odds or statistic. Let us all unite our knowledge, our willpower, and our faith so that the word “cancer” stops paralyzing the dreams, hopes, and lives of so many people that deserve to live thoroughly happily. Let us all place our worries in God and march towards the ocean of miracles!

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By: Avila, Yenisel

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