What Steps Would You Take?

What steps would you take if you were given a dire cancer prognosis? I’ve been given a dire cancer prognosis when I was younger in life. The first step that I took was talked to friends and several different physicians to make an informed decision. The next step I did was talk to a pastor about my salvation because of not wanting to end up in a terrible place if for some odd reason I was too had died. Next, I looked up informed on the internet and books to make sure I knew what challenges were ahead of me.

How would you conduct your research and make an informed decision when choosing a treatment? I was either Google or do another form of internet research on the particular type of cancer I had in the first place. I would then set up an appointment with all of my different physicians in a huge conference room to voice my concerns about the various types of treatments.

Would you look beyond chemo, radiation and surgery if they had little to offer? Yes, I would look beyond chemo, radiation and surgery if had to do it all over again. I had a hysterectomy, which meant that I was able to have children after the surgery. I would start out with a holistic approach. I would do yoga, meditation and especially psychotherapy because of being in a terrible spot in my head. I think counseling would help me feel at ease with a cancer prognosis especially if the physician told me there was nothing they could do in order to cure or slow down the disease.

What resources would you use to make an informed decision? I would use the American Cancer Society, Internet, Books, Physicians, Pastor, Friends and the support of my neighborhood during this difficult time in my life. I think each of these resources are unique and special in their own way.

By: Bacon, Marian

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