True Courage

I was amazed upon reading the personal life account of James O’ Connor and the struggles that he overcame in the pursuit of life preservation. The devastation of hearing that you have an untreatable disease that will eventually take from you your life force and any goals or desires that you have not been able to attain yet is simply unimaginable. The fact that James O’ Connor put all of these dismal thoughts aside shows the true faith of the human spirit. In all honesty, it is hard to say how I would personally react to the same life altering event, but I don’t think that my convictions would have differed much at all.

My first action after being told that I have a malignant form of cancer, which seems inevitably deadly, would be to create a sense of control to manipulate the end result. I would learn as much as possible about the type of cancer I have, which would include extensive research, focusing primarily on extending my life if not by more than a couple of months to years even. Through my research conducted I would find it necessary to contact cancer research institutes to be aware of the most recent studies. I would then observe and look at the attempts of people who might have had my specific cancer diagnosis, to be informed of the procedures that didn’t work. It would be nearly impossible to not become absorbed in the latest and even past medical journals that deal exclusively with my cancer type and that offer accurate details to alternative treatments that my doctor is not willing to consider.

Based on my research I would have to conclude that the best results would come from avoiding any radical unnecessary treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, or any extreme surgeries that would aid in nothing further than making me weaker. My attention would be directed on not only finding alternative treatment but also in making personal changes that would affect the overall direction of the cancer. Definite adjustments would be taken in my diet, exercise habit, sleep pattern, and other areas in my life that could assist in keeping my immune system strong corporative and to have better results in any future treatments.

In any case, along with my detailed research I also would find it vital to enlighten others of my efforts to discover a cure and hold the possibility out to people that they could help in my endeavors. The choice to educate others of my condition will hopefully motivate people to get involved by means of donations and sponsored events to help fund support for continuous research in hopes of acquiring a helpful therapy.

James O’ Connor showed true courage and as a result was able to have the satisfaction of knowing that his diligent research and determination was not in vain. He was able to help contribute his research to help others. Although the cancer did eventually take James O’ Connor’s life, he was able to live past the predetermined life expectancy due to his thorough study and mission to make a full recovery. Most of us could only hope to have a similar concrete resolve to conquer the odds of disaster, but who could say for sure what would be the course of action when knowing you’re on our own to make a difference?

By: Baker, Courtney

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