The Power Of The Mind

The Power Of The Mind

James “Rhio” O’Connor is an inspiration to all of us who may be struggling or suffering for any reason. He not only overcame mesothelioma, he beat the odds. It would be very easy for me to mentally give up when the doctor broke the news that a deadly cancer called mesothelioma was lining my vital organs and that I only had a few months to live. That would be devastating news to be told, and most would take the easy way out and accept it for what it is. James O’Connor did not accept it, he was a winner, he was a fighter, and he set a shining example of what sheer determination and motivation can accomplish. My favorite quote by one of my favorite authors is, “Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting” (Napoleon Hill), Rhio proved this statement to be true. Mr. O’Connor’s fighting spirit is something that can be reflected onto any arena of life and be used to overcome any hardship.

I can only imagine what I would do or how I would react to being told I had only a few months to live. I imagine that I would reject the information and distance myself from the physician that told me there was nothing that could be done. If I was in such a dire position it would be imperative for me to be in a strictly positive environment. “So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit, it’s when things seem worst that you must not quit” (Anonymous) are words to live by, and they are the kind of words that will keep a person alive if the person puts faith in them. If given the news that I was dying from an incurable cancer I would head for an old one room cabin in the middle of the woods that belongs to one of my family members. I would take with me a stack of books about the cancer so I could read and thoroughly study my illness. Once I learned the facts about the cancer and understood it, and understood how the cancer attacked my body I would be better able to attack the cancer.

When I say attack the cancer I do not mean in a conventional sense. I would not seek help in modern medical facilities; I would not use chemotherapy, or any of the other modern practices. If I took those steps I am sure the cancer would kill me. Nature is the only hospital that can cure me of a terminal illness like mesothelioma. I believe in a universal energy of sorts, all things in this universe are made up of just two parts: energy, and matter. There is positive and negative energy, I cannot explain what causes this but I can definitely feel it. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and all modern medical facilities project a very negative energy onto me. Nature provides an abundance of positive energy, and when I consciously make myself aware of the energy and absorb that energy it’s almost as if a weight is lifted from my shoulders, my mind clears, I can breathe deeply, and that energy can be harnessed and very effectively used to rid the body of all things poisonous to it. Negative energy works in the exact opposite way, which is why it would have to be avoided at all costs as it would surely prove to be fatal.

Mountain tops, rivers, forest, and wildlife provide me with an abundant flow of positive energy. By consciously tapping into this energy I can put my mind into powerful meditation. In these meditations I take a very aggressive approach to my problems in order to rid myself of them. I blame myself for whatever is going wrong in my life as I believe that we have the power to create our own realities, and if we can create them we can also alter them. By taking full responsibility for creating the cancer in my body I can then understand why it is there and in turn remove it from my reality and therefore from my body. To remove it from my reality I mentally address the source of the universal energy, I apologize for creating evil in my life, I ask for help in the form of positive energy that will rid me of the evil, and I then thank the source and express my appreciation towards it. Everyone has different interpretations of this source of energy and people often refer to it as God. This process is not easily done, and to be successful one must have complete control of his/her own thoughts and the input their minds receive. This is why it would be critical that I isolated myself in the beginning stages as I would have to achieve complete control of my own thoughts and mind before I could have control over outside influence.

Once I had developed a clear mental plan of how I would rid myself of the cancer I would then put my plan into writing. To write the plan would be to realize the plan. The plan would have to be written using specifics, it would be necessary to create a definite goal, how I would reach it, and my burning desire to live would have to be restated. By specifics I am speaking of details such as how much longer I wanted to live, when I would die, and how I would die. Only by using specific information can a plan like this be realized and used successfully, generalities do not work. In the plan would also have to be the statement that I would live without fear, fear is deadly poison that will take over the mind if allowed to do so. Once I had composed this document for myself I would read it every night aloud before bed addressing myself and the universal energy while reading it. This would cement the message in my mind and provide me with the energy needed to survive.

Only after I had gained control of the situation in my own life could I return to society and my home. When I returned I would insist that no one speak of my condition and I would demand to be treated as if no one ever knew my condition existed. Hear no evil, see no evil; therefore the evil does not exist. On my own time I would seek obscure specialists that practice unconventional forms of medicine. More specifically those who use natural and mental healing techniques and can work with me using the principles of my philosophy. Additionally I would find and join a Master Mind group whose members suffer from mesothelioma and are attacking it in the same way as I am. If I was unable to find such a group or one does not exist I would form one. A Master Mind is a group of people all trying to accomplish the same goal. The theory is that when completely focused and set on a certain result the mind becomes a very powerful and effective tool, if you bring people who share the same goals together and focus on achieving them with their support that productive energy amplifies exponentially.

I am sure my theoretical method is unconventional; however, the conventional approach to mesothelioma is death. I would not be able to return to the modern medical system to try to fight the cancer after already being told there was nothing to be done. The only thing that would accomplish would be to desecrate my body, destroy my quality of life, and seal my fate of a young, painful death. Therefore, I believe it is acceptable to think outside of the box and look for different solutions. My plan to overcome my hypothetical case of cancer is, without a doubt, more easily said than done. However, I feel my plan would prove to be successful for me, as I would have no other option but to succeed. James O’Connor proved that it can be done, and he is an inspiration to us all.

By: Balmain, Douglas Matthew

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