Faith, Optimism, And Determination

Faith, optimism, and determination are all key aspects in success. One must have faith in the impossible. If one has faith in something no one sees the point, that person has the determination to prove everyone wrong. You also must have optimism in pessimistic situations. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “One must aim higher than the bulls-eye to hit the bulls-eye.” If one does not see the positive, they tend to give up. Determination, in all of these aspects, is key. It is the derivative of success. Rhio showed these three characteristics, and used them to their fullest extent. I would use the same thinking patterns as Rhio. But I do not think that any can match up to his story.

Faith is key in Rhio’s story of overcoming the stereotype of his cancer. He believed he could find something that could keep him alive for a longer amount of time. He believed that other solutions could work, other than what was given him. He believed in something greater than himself, something that would watch over him, and something that would take him, only when it was his time. He was a true fighter and a true believer. Faith would be my foundation for all of my efforts in saving my life. I would keep an open mind to every opportunity, research everything I possibly could, and make sure that in between all of that keep faith in something higher than myself. I would pray that they would be with me in every step I take.

Rhio had much optimism. Without his optimism, his story would not be as successful and boundary breaking as it is today. He always kept a positive outlook on his life. As he researched different aspects of his illness, he made sure to always stay happy about the situation. Without his optimism, he would not have lived as long as he did. I would try to keep as optimistic as he did. Thinking of the light in a dark situation is difficult when the dark surrounds. But it requires focus to see the good possible outcome of a horrible situation. If I were put in this situation, I would try to keep my eye on the prize, staying alive for as long as possible. I would try to think of the light in the dark that I’ve been put in.

Determination drove Rhio throughout his whole journey to find a cure to the “incurable” sickness he was diagnosed. He was determined to always keep faith in his family, friends, doctors, and a higher power. He was determined to keep a positive outlook in such a negative situation. Determination is what drove Rhio to research alternative options to his therapeutic choices. He had so much drive to keep himself alive for his own well being, his family, and his friends. I would hope to keep just as much determination, if I am given this situation. I would try to find alternative options to every possible choice. If it means I live longer, I would never cease but find a better alternative. I would never know what day would be my last, so why just sit and wait? Why not do something about it in that moment?

These three characteristics and virtues, faith, optimism, and determination, seem to be the keys to success in every situation, whether it be bringing up a grade in a class, or trying to stay alive for a little longer. Rhio proved that anything is possible and that you should believe in what most do not. He proved that keeping your eye on the light in a dark situation is not always impossible. He proved that if you have the drive to prove people wrong, it is possible. I only hope to be just as faithful, optimistic, and determined as Rhio was. If I am ever placed in a situation such as this, I will always remember Rhio, and think about his choices of alternatives. He is such an inspiration; everybody should use his mentally through everyday life. Because it is his mindset, that ensures success. If everybody were to hear this story, they just might change the way they think about life. I know it has changed mine.

By: Beltran, Jessica E.

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