I Believe That We All Have Cancer In Us

I believe that we all have cancer in us. For most people, the cancer stays at bay as long as we remain healthy and active. Then there are other cancers causing agents that we get exposed to and have no control over the toxicity that it releases. For example, mesothelioma (www.survingmesothelioma.com), which is a rare form of cancer found in people who were exposed to asbestos dust. Unfortunately millions of American workers since the 1940’s have been exposed to asbestos dust. There has been evidence that family members and others living with asbestos workers have an increased risk of developing mesothelioma, and possibly other asbestos related diseases. There are over 2,000 new cases of mesothelioma diagnosed in the United States each year. Today, the U.S Occupational Safety and Health Administration have set limits for acceptable levels of asbestos exposure. James “Rhio” O’Conner is an inspiring story of how he found other alternative ways to survive and outlived his prognosis by more than six years. He chose to take an alternative path for treatment rather than the conventional path of chemo, radiation and pharmaceutical drugs. He looked deeper into his soul and began learning about the various health and therapies that were offered.

If I were told today that I had cancer and was given only one year to live, I would do a lot of research on the particular cancer that I had. I would search for a doctor who was on the cutting edge of the cancer disease and specialized in alternative medicine. This doctor would have to have a great deal of fact based information on this epidemic. I would look for pioneers, doctors who have figured out to cure cancer or help prolong it through good nutrition and supplements. I would start thinking outside the box of conventional treatment which would most likely consist of chemo or radiation. Everyone knows that radiation and chemo gives us cancer so why would I poison my immune system when it has already been poisoned by cancer and is suppressed from fighting the cancer cells? I also would choose not to put my body through a chemical invasion of pharmaceutical drugs and anti-biotics. Instead, I would submerge my immune system with natural supplements and focus on my diet, only consuming food that are organic and are proven cancer protectable. I would begin researching books at libraries that offer scientifically based facts about nutrition and supplements that help support the immune system.

There are two types of system health care that exist in the United States; conventional western medicine and alternative medicine. Seeking a doctor that specializes in alternative medicine would be the first item I would address. I would search the internet for doctors who are on the cutting-edge of curing cancer, researching and reading non-fiction books on curing cancer and speaking to people who have cancer or survived cancer. Seeking a doctor who believes in me and is willing to treat me as an individual and help me with my choices. I do not think it would be difficult to be able to research doctors that are practicing alternative medicine, especially with the use of a wonderful tool called the “internet”.

The next step would be to start researching nutrient ion and supplements that have the most effect on cancer and the most support for the immune system. Researching this topic would be through books at libraries and the internet. Since my immune system is already invaded. I would gather facts about the benefits of plant extracts, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and which would be the most powerful cancer inhibitors. Drinking purified water and avoiding fluoridated, chlorinated or distilled water would be another fighting agent against cancer. Detoxifying my body from the chemical assault that happens every single day would be a priority to create a state of balance and harmony in my body. Researching vitamins and nutrients through books and with the help of my doctor’s advice, this could hold the key to remission.

Finally, Chemo and radiation would be out of the question. How often do you hear about the horrible side effects when someone is receiving chemo? Being diagnosed would be so frightening and horrifying, so out of control that most people would do exactly what a traditional doctors tells us to do I remember watching my best friends mom die of cancer several years ago. She was receiving large amounts of chemo and I watched her health degrade so dramatically. I remember how sick she always was and unable to get out of bed. Her immune system was being beaten down so badly, she could not fight back. She soon began to lose all her hair, and then her memory slowly began to fade. Finally she laid in bed for three weeks prior to dying, unaware of her surroundings and her family. Why couldn’t they just let it take its course, without all the poison, and die naturally? I believe that maintaining a good diet, sleeping, avoiding chemicals and taking detoxifying antioxidant may be the key to fighting cancer and of course working with an alternative doctor who is on the cutting-edge of treatment for cancer. All of this would be 50% of my battle the other 50% is attention and believing that I could achieve wellness. This would require a deep inner belief and spiritual connection with myself that would help me fight the cancer. This is my life and this would be the way in which I would approach my cancer diagnosis. I believe that cancer is preventable in most cases, manageable and curable in many cases. I am inspired by the James “Rhio” O’Conner story not only because he took his own health into his own hands and lived an good quality of life for many more years than anticipated but also by writing about this subject, perhaps it will bring more awareness to those who have the disease and they too can look pass the conventional western medicine treatment and find their own path to recovery.

By: Beyzade, Jeyda

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