Enjoy Every Day

Inspiration comes from people that love and care about you the most. Being diagnosed with a deadly cancer is a huge problem anyone can face. Mr. Rhio’s story can be anybody’s story and his way of not giving up and continuing his life is amazing many people don’t have the strength to do that. I would do the same thing he did because even though he was diagnosed with that disease he was able to live his life normally and without having to worry about it.

Being diagnosed with a deadly disease is something that would make me worry and be given a year to live is nothing. He inspired me by the way he was able to do more when he had a year to live. There are so many things that people can do to overcome the difficult things in life. I would enjoy every day of my life and as long as I am happy I will live longer.

The first step I would do is to spend time with my family and friends as much as I could. Travel and see many places that I always wanted to see and I wasn’t able to go. Reading books and get knowledge to things I never knew. Try to find people that have the same symptoms as I do and try to do something, or to find a way to cure the people that have it. Also try to go and get a chemo, surgery or anything that would make me heal from whatever I am going through. The most important thing I would do is to research on how I can find a way to cure this disease.

I would divide my day into sections to spend time on something important. Many people lived longer than what the doctors had told them they would live. I wouldn’t depend on the doctors words because God is the only one who knows when we are going to die.

Start exercising and eating healthy would be another option to do because getting cancer has a dozens of causes and not just one. Now days, many people are getting cancer because of using microwaves and all other things that put our lives in danger.

Before getting any treatment, I would do a research about what kind of medication I’m getting and how is it going to affect me in a good way. Also by doing the research I will be able to discover why this kind of medication is good for me and how is it going to make me better. I will try to have the spirit that he had to go on with my life without waiting for people to tell me what to do.

His inspiration gave me the strength to do anything that I want without being afraid of it. I was always afraid of my future, but after reading about him and his life I realized life is easy if I know how to live it. Being with my family is such an important thing because no one knows what is going to happen. My cousin died of cancer two years ago and since then I realized my family is everything in my life and I should enjoy my life with them.

There are so many people that get mesothelioma yearly in the United States. Reading about this type of cancer makes me realize how hard life is and that there are so many people how can be cured if many other people would research and try to do something about it.

Overall, eating healthy, exercing daily and enjoying my life to the fullest are the most imporant things I should do in life. Although a lot of people don’t have the time to go and exercise daily but they can still eat healthy and try to prevent themselves of getting this type of cancer.

I am happy that I was able to learn about this type of cancer because I never knew that there are so many people that get it and there are few ways to get cured from it.

I would be honored to get the scholarship because it would help me through my education to be successful in life.

By: Bidi, Reta

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