A Strong Man With A Lot Of Courage

James was a very strong man with a lot of courage. After reading his book “They Said Months, I Chose Years: A Mesothelioma Survivor’s Story” it came to my mind he was much more than a husband with a life threatening disease but rather in a sense an American icon. He defied what scientists told him about how long he had to live. As anyone would he got scared, the difference between him and an ordinary person was he didn’t give in to the disease or break down and give up. He found a way to overcome the disease and give himself and extra 7 ½ years through determination discipline and perseverance.

If I was told I was going to die from cancer in a year I would be very emotionally detached from reality and become very sad. I know I would bounce back after a couple weeks of sulking and I would pick my head up and carry on everyday living it as if it were my last. In the back of my mind I would use James “Rhio” O’Connor as inspiration to live longer than expected. If he could do it why couldn’t I? I would do things I have always wanted to do for my whole life that I never got a chance to. I wouldn’t get carried away with it though because in the back of my mind I would be planning to live for another ten years or more because I would take the steps and precautions necessary to overcome the cancer and toughen it out for as long as I could. Not only would I have myself in mind but I would have others in mind as well informing them of cancer and trying to inspire others with same disease that they too can push on and live longer than expected

When it came to the treatment part of conducting ways to help me live longer I would be up for almost anything that wouldn’t set me back, towards the end of my last few weeks or months of living I would volunteer myself for new experiments on getting rid of cancer. At that point if I could sacrifice myself to save million I would do it in a heartbeat because no one would deserve to die from cancer again and I would rather die a hero who helped people then just a random old guy. I would also ask many professionals and doctors which treatment they would advise for me to do to help benefit my life the most to live longer. The main goal I would have in the back of my head through all this would be to die a hero rather than a stranger.

Based on what I have read I would do the same thing as James did, only thing is I would research the things he didn’t while using what he already found out. That way I could benefit what he did as well as get even more information to make what he did meaningful and purposeful. I would do the same kinds of things he did like he did like taking the supplements changing my diet and practicing mind and body medicine. I would be sure the time James sacrificed for others was well worth it. If I could as well I would also start a new fundraiser for money for finding a cure to cancer for future patients. That way doctors and scientists had enough money for the experiments and equipment to test out certain ideas. My life would be dedicated to helping others and enjoying life while doing it.

The Story of James gives me a new insight on life. Expect the unexpected and go for what you want because anything is possible if you give it your all and want it enough. James wanted to live longer so he did just that by dedicating his time and efforts into what he had to do to live longer. If everyone had the same mentality he did there would be more possibilities available for more people in this world. He gives hope to everyone who has ever had a dream they want to accomplish and his life is a great message, that message is never give up.

By Blinn, Brandon

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