Persistence And Perseverance

James “Rhio” O’Connor faced what none of us care to face in life, diagnosis of life threatening disease that the outcome is usually very grim, cancer. James took every step possible to do research and act in a positive manner to his prognosis.

If I were in a similar situation, I am not sure if I could face the dilemma of such a prognosis in as positive of manner. I admire and respect the example James has set for those who are facing similar trials in their lives. James is truly an inspiration to anyone, but especially anyone who has a serious illness.

If I were diagnosed with terminal cancer, I think that I would want a second and third opinion. However, I would probably be jumping in the old Egyptian river, “De-nile” before I could start thinking rationally. I would follow James’ example to find out as much information as possible about my disease and what others are doing and how it is being treated, including any alternative therapies. The approaches that James took to pursue as much information as possible coupled with his courageous and energetic persistence to put up such an excellent fight is the example I would hope to follow. My hat is off to such an amazing man as James “Rhio” O’Connor.

I have had to put up fight for my health in my life, but not cancer. I have had occupational chemical exposure, specifically, to the vapors of muriatic acid, and have fought hard to regain my health. I was diagnosed with asthma and chronic dermatitis; however, no doctors would relate the issues I was having to the acid exposure. I was treated with many different types of medications. I sought out doctors’ conventional wisdom, but some alternative healing methods also seemed viable to me. Dietary changes, healing supplements and exercise coupled with faith in God was what helped me the most after the more acute stages of the exposure had subsided with medical treatment. After six years, I am drug free and have relatively good health. Attitude and faith are some factors involved in my recovery.

I feel that James has much more persistence and perseverance than I could ever have. I admire him for his intelligent approach, his courage and intensity in his battle with cancer. Overall, James’ attitude is a great example to others who are suffering with any serious illness.

By: Bristow, Leeta

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