Trying To Beat Cancer In A Knockout Fight

Trying To Beat Cancer in A Knockout Fight

Mr. James O’Connor, a fighter with spirit and fierce determination, has an inspirational story that will impact everyone that reads it and empower them to face any adversity that has the potential to turn their world upside down. Mr. O’Connor was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a deadly and aggressive form of cancer. With this diagnosis he was given only one year to live, but Mr. O’Connor refused to give up despite his dire prognosis. Because he was determined to never give up, Mr. O’Connor found his own path through research and a defined treatment regime. Through his determination and great will to survive, Mr. O’Connor spent countless hours in the library researching and compiling information he needed to find a treatment therapy adapted to beat this cancer diagnosis. He was able to find the information he needed that added years to the one year he was given to live. He outlived this depressing prognosis by more than six years; he was able to add those years to his life because of the critical research on his diagnosis. Mr. O’Connor’s schedule of treatments used was created by his team of doctors with a protocol to treat his mesothelioma and the result was the time added to his life and research that would prove to be beneficial and inspirational for others living with a diagnosis rendered incurable such as his.

If I were to receive a fatal cancer prognosis as Mr. O’Connor did, I would imagine the first few days of hearing the news would be totally devastating to not only me but my family as well. After the initial shock wears off, after agonizing, wondering why and trying to wrap my mind around my diagnosis, the urge to research and start fighting the disease would command my full attention. I would seek to find all the information available through researching demographical study details of other cases recorded, medical trials, and testimonials from others with the same diagnosis. Being of strong will and determination not to give up would be the strongest medicine that would keep me focused on designing a treatment regimen based on the research of medical experts in the field of oncology that has created a course that benefits my health. The first phase of this journey would be to train for my fight. So, the first thing would be to go for a second opinion to confirm my diagnosis. The second part of my training would be to seek confirmation of all the research and gather all the information I can on my specific diagnosis, so that I can prepare myself for battle. In my research I would look for similar cases, testimonies from doctors as well as patients, studies, experiments, and treatments. Once I’d educated and armed myself with all credible and responsive treatment information, the battle of my life and for my life would commence.

Round one of the fight is to have faith and ask for guidance in choosing a treatment. To choose a treatment for cancer is usually a trial and error as no certain method is exact in treating different forms and stages of cancer. Treatment can be the most trying part of the whole disease. Through research, faith and doctor recommendations play an important and pivotal role in treating the disease. Choosing a treatment starts with the research, in addition to finding out as much as possible about the form and location of the cancer. I would also look at past and present research studies on treatment for my particular disease as well as collaborate with a team of doctors willing to help with my quest. My team of doctors will be experts in their field. From traditional chemotherapy and radiation to new and radical experimental treatments, I would work with fundraising and awareness groups that focus on cancer treatments that offer hope to those suffering from various forms of cancer.

Round two would be to submit to a treatment and map out a plan of attack and document through an online journal that allows me to be in contact and share information with other cancer survivors where we will discuss the research and the options available. My plan of attack will for treatment will include treatments decided on by my team of doctors and me from all the research I presented to them. After deciding on my exact plan of attack it’s now time for round three, it’s now time to fight.

Round three is where I implement my plan of attack under the care of my physicians and attack my cancer hard. This round involves the collective efforts of my doctors, my family and me as the highs and lows of cancer treatment test my faith, belief and physical endurance. Mr. O’Connor’s battle and his ability to focus on finding a cure for his cancer was an inspiration to me as I could only imagine the weight of such a diagnosis and the strength required to take charge of ones own destiny and seek answers to methods and a course of treatments that could prolong life with a feeling of accomplishment, that others will benefit from the trials he experienced though his will to live.

By: Burden,Ursula

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