The Knowledge Of Education Can Open Doors

I recently was confronted with a fmily member who was diagnosed with cancer and the thought of cancer with in my family and for someone whom I love dearly and the thought of loosing this person was devistating to me and my children. recently decided to go back to school and learn more about what iI could accomplish and what I can contribute to help reasearch and to understand patiences opptions, My familoy could not afford to pay all medical percidures , I realized that this condition is very life threatning to me and this diagnoses is hereditary and that I to one day may be diagonosed with this terminal illness and the thought pondered in my head and came to terms to learn about cancer and to reaserch and teach others at church and in the comunity and further my education to help pay and support emotionally other families and to educate my family as well. I went back to school but I can’t further my education because of the medical bills,serching on the internet and bloging to others about cancer I enbarked on on the unlimited response and the thought and comunication and how much I learned about cancer from other who never thought how this would affect ther lives also, I stated a fund for my family member in the comunity and on the internet and went door to door until I was exhausted and still could not earn enough for the neverending medical bill’s and then found your site for a scholorship and I thought I would try since I tried everything else. But I come to realize that money can not cure cancer and the pain and the lose of loved one and now my whole life has changed the way I think the way I live and understand cancer and how I wasd to be part of the cure for others and continueing my education determines my cause to beeter health opptions and reaserch advance , no one knows or clearly understands until it hits home. I would like the oppertunity to help other with this devistating disease. I feel that to educate younger people and in school to help understand the different types of cancer and the many stages and how the knowledge of education can open doors to help other people to educate and foward this to others I know to many essay are written and highly educated but I would like to be aknowledged on day for my support n this battle that damages so many lives even those who never kew any one who suffered from this deviststing awareness I have educated others and given support to those I never met and I put flyers up I gave speaches and there is so much more I can do with a better education other than get involed is to be part of the cure. Life should be understood but this is not the case when it comes to cancer there is so much emotional damage and to prepare yourself as for myself if I were diagnosed with cancer what would I do if I knew I only had so many month to live I wouldn’t be scared I would think of my family and help them understand that I love them, And then I’d think how could I tell them how could I put them through this anguish and the thought whould ponder for day’s how I would go about this news, I would wan’t to help others to cope even though I’m going to die my self I would wan’t every one else to be happy and to remamber the happier times and not this. Thoughts racing in my head what to do” What to do” . I would want to help others, and give people hope I would not be affraid and I would give back to the comunity and try to touch everyone involved and make sure my finances were in order so not to leave a burden on my family I would ack like everything is going to be ok so no one would worry for me because I am worried enough for all . And yet I want my body given to the university to help reaserch and further the findings for a cure so maybe my life had a perpose . I would want to give so much back to futher education and help people who are going threw the same trauma that my family is enduring and better science and medical technology for are futher children who come in to this world with more love and kindness that people are aware of kthe seriouseness of cancer and how it affects everyone not only those who are sick but to many bystanders waiting for the outcome

I may not be highly educated but when cancer comes to yur door nothing matters but what you leave behind and what you give to others and how you affect the future and in what way did I touch others to remember me and what good did I accomplish before I leave this place I loved so dear and those I will leave behind and all the people I could help after I’m gone , Every aspect of my life will be in focus and the memories of my selfworth and accomplishments and what I given to science and medical research will define me to me. Thank you so very much for letting me submit this to yo9ur cause.

By: Burgos, Raychal

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