How Would I Fight Cancer

How Would I Fight Cancer

What can be worst than being diagnosed with deadly cancer? Specially mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure. The life expectancy of mesothelioma patients depends on the stage of progressive disease. James Rhio O’Connor was diagnosed with a deadly cancer, mesothelioma and was given a year to live. James have never gave up and survived by intensively researching treatments methods for his cancer. His story inspired me and made me think what I would do in his situation. If the death is inevitable I would dedicate my life to research, to volunteer in Cancer Society and find my peace in spiritual growth of my soul.

First of all, I would dedicate most of his time researching any possible treatments, that would cure or longer patient’s life, just like James did. He never gave up;” He spent hours in the library and spoke to countless doctors, researchers and patients. He learned what various therapies offered, their long and short term side effects, and the theories and philosophies behind them.” I would do exactly the same. My first source would be the Internet then the library. I know that there are many options offered today as a cancer treatment; chemotherapy, radiation, proton therapy even surgery. I would research one by one, educate myself, consult my doctor, get second opinion and pray God to help us to make the right decision. My second source would be dietitian. I would research the proper way of eating through reconstruction of how we regard food. This would eliminate sugar and those processed foods that our body converts to sugar. There would be no food from any animal source; this includes all meats, eggs, and dairy products. There would be no artificial food. At least 80% of my diet would be raw food, not baked, boiled, fried or micro waved and they would be ‘organic’ as much as possible. The proper eating will strengthen our immune system and our body will fight itself. Of course I would discuss all options with dietitian. Finally the third research I would conduct is about right way of exercising .It is very important to exercise daily and regularly. There are many exercise programs available for all cases. I would research the ones that would target specific areas of our body and try to combine them into one with a proper breathing system. All these together will come to one complete exercise program that will help patients to be stronger and to fight the disease.

Second of all I would volunteer to American Society of Cancer to help and benefit others, who are in the same situation as I am. Volunteering is a wonderful thing to do by giving people all you have at the last moments of your life and not expecting anything in return. Even though my body will die but my spirit will rest in peace knowing that I helped others by helping to make a progress in the methods of treatments for this deadly disease. This is very important step for Cancer patients. Especially for pediatric cancer patients whose life is so precious. I would choose this path to encourage others to appreciate their life and live life to the fullest .by giving and loving others. When I realize that I can help somebody, my last days would be more valuable.

Finally, I will strengthen my spirit by believing in healing. One must believe strongly in miraculous healing of Jesus Christ by praying to God and surrounding him by positive peoples, believers, who can encourage him and go with him through all the trials he has to face. Sometimes it required persistent faith and soaking prayers. Family and friends can help by getting together and praying and believing in miracle. The power of group prayer is enormous and can heal anybody. Together we can claim the scriptural promise that “If two of you agree on earth about anything they ask it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” (Matthew 18:19)

Cancer is a terrible thing that anyone can face. It takes a big courage and strength to go trough all the stages of this disease .It is very important not to give up under any circumstances. James Rio corner never gave up fighting his disease and found his own path to health and outlived his prognosis by more than six years. His story inspires and encourages me and makes me put many things in my life in different perspective.

By: Burke, Anahit

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