Cancer Is Like The Teeth In The Night

Cancer, just this word can cause so much sorrow, so much pain, so much fear and yet trigger the bravery within everyone it effects and make them the strongest people on earth. In the case James O’Connor took on the beast and did everything he could to out live his prognosis by more than six years. Cancer is like the teeth in the night, and James found ways to shed light to his dark situation a bravely marched on into the darkness were a long battle awaited him. Knowing time was against him, research his cancer and spent countless of his precious time in the library and spoke to doctors, researchers and patients of this incurable disease. But what would I do if I faced the same challenges that Rhio faced.

Shorty after prognosis I would make sure to tell my family and ask them to be brave and strong for me for the journey I was going to take was going to be long and hard and take an effect on all of them, and ill I would ask for is the love and support of each and everyone of them. Shorty there after I would apply myself to research and many hours on the phone and in the hospitals asking and talking to anyone who knows about the sickness.

The decisions I make from treatment would be based on the doctors and patients I talk to. But I would I would in to something new, something off the beaten path. So if it works someone stricken with this terrible illness can follow in my footsteps. But I would look beyond the normal treatment styles and try to do anything new that might have a better chance. But with all this research and treatments I would try to spend as much time as I can with love ones and love every moment.

But as I would march through the tall grass knowing that in the abyss lies a serpent that has no sympathy, no remorse, and no stopping it. I would fight. Not only for me but also for my family and all who suffer from it. There is more to life then living, there’s effecting other life for the better. The ultimate way to live life is to make others better off. So to fight your cancer and find a new way to fight it would be my goal for fighting. So if all fails and when the darkness sets in and the illness runs its course. I will know that all I did was worth the blood, sweat and tears and finding a new ways for others would be the ultimate payment.

By: Carrillo, Ceasar

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