Never Give Up

Never Give Up

I always considered going to school such a challenge. Especially since I have not been to school for over twenty five years. I am a Hispanic woman in my middle fifties. I have given birth to nine children, faced some medical challenges, as well as financial. I started searching for scholarships and found the James Rhio O’Conner Scholarship. I searched under www. Surviving and found just how strong willed this man was.

I read his story and found that I have a lot in common with him. I have seen many doctors in my life time. In doing so, I have found that either I get sicklier every time I go, or they find another illness. I am struggling with a blood disorder that has left me subject to injecting myself twice a day with Lovenox. This medication keeps my blood from thickening and producing blood clots.

Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer. It is developed by being exposed to asbestos. Rhio O’Conner came in contact with asbestos and was diagnosed with Mesothelioma. When he inhaled fine fibers that were released in the air, asbestos stuck to the mucus of the cells in the mesotheliom. This caused the growth of cancer cells. When given the diagnoses he was told that he only had a year of life.

Mr. O’Conner did not give up, instead he turned his life around to make a new life and able to teach others on how to survive and deal with such a deadly cancer. I love the quote that Hippocrates wrote,” A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses”. Because of his deep researcher and love of life knew that life was a true blessing.

Therefore after reading an article in, “Meditation Society of America”. I found that meditation is found to be a three step process. The steps lead to the state of consciousness that would bring serenity, clarity and bliss. Searching deep and finding your inner peace. Enabling your body to it self through your own mental ability.

Another obstacle is the impurities of the air. Clean the air in the area where you live. Using an air purifier would reduce the concentration of airborne contaminates. Keeping the impurities from the air that is inhaled greatly reduces the chances of having airborne contaminates come into the lungs. I would keep a humidifier in operation in order to keep the air moist.

Try to compose a physical exercise program. Such as walking, this is a good exercise. It helps keep the body fit and the mind busy. You could also try walking in a pool. Light swimming and cycling are also good.

Finding the right herbs was a challenge. I took the incentive to looked on the internet and found that the “Natural Herb Guide” was very useful. I have found that implementing these natural ingredients have helped me maintain a healthier body. I found some natural ingredients that may be found in a health food stores.

I decided to target certain parts of the anatomy. Beginning with lymph nodes, they are found throughout the whole body they are linked to lymphatic vessels. The help fight the immune system. I found these ingredients to be helpful maintaining the immune system. The capsule would contain mustard and sage powder. I would suggest four tablets daily.

For infection removal, I suggest six tablets daily that consist of Ginger and onion. As for the adrenal gland, Webster medical dictionary gives the definition as a pair of complex endocrine organs near the anterior medial borders of the kidney. You may take Chlorophyll or Alfalfa pill in order to keep the odor from penetrating, this would be for the garlic and onion that is in the ingredients of the pills I would consider taking six tablets a day. The ingredients consist of hawthorn, cumin and Licorice. Adding to the list, I would also take a blood purifier. Libilia is good; I would take four tablets daily.

These are just some of my own personal tools that I have found very useful in my physical struggles, along with my mental, emotional and mental balance. Even though it has been a challenge I am deeply committed, I know if I given this scholarship I would work harder than any recipients that have ever received this precious gift, I recognize that hard work and determination are what make success. I acknowledge that Mr. O’Conner fought a great battle and I want to be as strong as he is in winning mine.

To succeed is nothing, it’s an accident. But to feel no doubts about oneself is something very different: it is character (MarieLeneru ).

By: Carrillo, Maggie

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