Having The Enthusiasm To Get Off Bed One Day

“He will loose his hair; chemotherapy will target the cancerous cells, however some healthy cells might also be targeted”. Never will I be able to dismiss from my mind these horrifying words. I was shocked that this was happening to us. I would close my eyes and hope that it was just a dream, a very scary dream. Though it wasn’t a dream we did have to fight and overcome a cancerous disease called Leukemia. During the first months of the treatment we felt vulnerable against this cancer, something too overwhelming to overcome. Seeing him loose his hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, and witnessing how his skin changed from a vivid light brown to a dull opaque color; thus our only desire was for the future to become the past. Fear, terror, anger, resentment, and may more negative emotions filled my heart, for we did not want to loose him. What will we do without him? Would it be satisfying to see him go through the treatment with hope for success, though nothing was certain? Every decision was a risk, and nothing was promised.

Rhio O’Connor considered very important to educate future and current leaders about the vale of thinking “outside the box” in regards to the causes of cancer and its radiational treatment. I now believe thinking “outside the box” can provide one with a more confident view of the present and at the future. Rhio’s story inspired me to help others understand the different options towards cancer treatment, and to provide support to other families as they are dealing with the same situation my family and I dealt with. I believe that families can benefit enormously from listening to former patients and patients’ family’s personal experiences’ moreover, they will be able to feel comfortable with their situation. Families will be conscious that they are not the only ones that are, have been, or will be dealing with a cancerous prognosis, therefore it is ok to feel fearful.

If faced the same challenges as Rhio O’ Connor I would feel insecure and frightened of what will be forthcoming. To think that as much as I would be determined to overcome or at least delay my prognosis, yet still having the chance of loosing the battle, by far would make me terribly afraid. Also I would like to hear different doctor’s opinion as to what treatment they consider to be most efficient, and ask them for information on support groups. Nonetheless to be able to overcome this disease and have the courage to do so, I would need my families support and honesty 100 percent. Since I would be the one going through this process first hand, I would greatly appreciate it if my family kept me aware of everything if it’s good.

As stated by Cancer Monthly the Source for Cancer Treatment Results, “Rhio O’ Connor was a remarkable man. He was diagnosed with a malignant cancer and given a year to live. He suffered from a distinct cancer called Mesothelioma. Mesotheliona www.survivingmesothelioma.com is a rare form of cancer in which malignant (cancerous) cells are found in the mesothelium, a protective sac that covers most of the body’s internal organs. Rather than giving up Rhio spent hours in the library, and he spoke to endless doctors, researchers, and patients. Through his dedicated and strict educational growth, he was able to live five years more than what his doctor’s had diagnosed.

Like Rhio O’ Connor I would be eager to educate myself of my cancerous disease, and to become conscious of what to expect from that day on. I would need to know what causes the disease? What are the treatments available? What is the survival rate? Is this disease just treated or can it be cured? If I would be provided with the answers to the above questions I would have a sense of assurance and hope. As a good saying goes “Two heads are better than one”, I strongly consider that family unity is crucial in dealing with a difficult situation. Therefore mutual support would be beneficial to help me cope with my treatment, and to help my family adjust to my physical changes.

There are many resources I would absolutely seek to guide me towards a victorious treatment. By undergoing my brother’s chemotherapy process second hand, I found it very effectual that the hospital provided us with emotional support through former patients. For that reason I would pursue the support of a psychologist to assist me in dealing with my perturbations and challenges. In addition I would keep in mind different cancer organizations for example “ Padres contra el cancer” ( Parents against cancer), to get to know and interact with other patient and people my own age that are going through the same situation as I would. I believe one feels more comfortable sharing thoughts and fears with others our own ages and with similar goals in mind.

Having the enthusiasm to get off bed one day

By: Castillo, Clara

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