Emotional Health Is Another Key To Survival

I believe that a fight to survive with cancer must be based on a foundation of spiritual health. The challenge of living with cancer can cause one to question their faith in God. Emotional health is another key to survival. In order to maintain my emotional health, I would become part of a cancer support group. As a member of a support group I would be able to share my feelings and learn from the experiences of others. An individual struggling with cancer may at times feel hopeless and emotionally overwhelmed. Being part of a support group provides a social network to help manage the emotional stress of living with cancer.

In conjunction with building a foundation of emotional and spiritual health, I would meet with doctors and clinicians to learn about treatment methods. Consulting multiple professionals is important because the best method of treatment is not always obvious.

It is frightening to think that in the pursuit of a treatment I may have to give up some of the aspects of my life that are most important to me. Currently, I am studying nursing at DeKalb Technical College. I have made personal and financial problems to attend school. A fight for surviving with cancer could leave me physically exhausted and unable to complete my studies at DeKalb Technical College . The sacrifices involved with fighting cancer are sometimes as hard to bear as the physical struggle. But I never give up until I find the solution.

By: Duako, Vivian

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