Inspiration And Undying Beliefs

I always considered myself lucky. I have a home, a family, a rare blood type, and I inevitably continue to wake up in America everyday. What more could a determined nineteen year old college student ask for? A car? Some tuition money? How about an incurable and diabolical decease? Why not?! Humans were not created to survive anyway; the human creation possessing no claws, fierce teeth, sharp senses, flight abilities, or any other means of intimidation. Humans are meant to die, and even from a biblical standpoint the beginning was the end, as human kind had failed with The Fall…Although, it is a sin to have such contempt, as I will not lie in saying this was formally my mentality when first read my diagnosis. But, soon after forcing myself to internalize my inescapable fate, I realized this catastrophe could be the ultimate jackpot and perhaps, a blessing in disguise. Such as in the case of us prey-like creatures and how we continue to live on and thrive against powerful obstacles like plagues, national disasters, and even ourselves, giving humanity an even stronger sense of survival. Therefore, beating great odds makes even more hope for mankind. Such as people like Rhio O’Connor, a man who was an outstanding cancer survivor, having battled mesothelioma,, for years. In result of his intense persistence, he lived far longer then predicted, giving inspiration, and making more lasting hope for all of Earth’s ill stricken individuals. Some may say he had not beaten the decease entirely, but here is where I beg to differ. For choosing to fight is winning within itself and the real success, as having the courage to fight is what separates the strong willed from the weak. When becoming another cancer statistic I also took up the same sword and path as Rhio O’Connor, in the epic to defeat what is seen as impossible.

As I began the quest in choosing a treatment against my decease, I first decided to go with the fastest and highest knowledgeable resource accessible to man; people. Now, the internet may be fast and knowledgeable, but it does not always guarantee truth, where as professionals live for validity. Therefore, I searched the globe, documenting and recording as many second opinions I could locate. The America’s were my primary target, then secondary, I went international, traveling as far as budget would allow, this including long distance phone calls. I also made an effort to continually meet with people whom suffered the same aliment as me. While conversing with them, I had the chance to gather personal stories and advice on how to cope and conquer this devastating decease. All countries have an entirely different view on things, being raised through diverse cultures and having influence from foreign stages of history, so it was important to explore beyond the natural borders in order to grasp a variety of perspectives, instead of being limited to only my own.

Local libraries were also a reliable source of information, and being enrolled in college comes with its many great advantages when needing to conduct research. So I relentlessly hit the books at my college and at several Californian Universities, even without the requirement of being an actual student there. This is where I finally had the chance to become an independent expert on my decease, flipping through countless medical articles and journals, while suffering the occasional paper cut. Therefore, with all my information, I was able to create my own personal mini medical journal, which I named the “N-Files”. This to me seemed very ironic, along with self-centered, as I became not an expert in another field of study, but in myself.

I was given many choices to combat my decease, such as chemo, surgery and radiation however, this was blankly all they had to offer, the classic last resorts. So, I did end up accepting the modern solutions, but along side the use of natural remedies. It is known that sickness can be beaten with a positive frame of mind, this being a useful tactic when battling almost anything in life. Even though Death is a rather depressing notion, evoking nothing but negativity, one must look for the cure through an optimistic frame of mind, even with the assistance of spiritual guidance. Strong faith was my main weapon in concerning my decease. My religion and belief in God greatly contributed to how I dealt with my life threatening situation. This everlasting devotion kept me sane, and gave me hope, just as Rhio O Connor did. Because in the end, all one really has left, is their inspiration and undying beliefs.

By: Escamilla, Nichole

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