“Impossible Is Nothing”

Speaking from personal experience living with an uncle who battled cancer, it’s truly hard. Cancer is a deadly disease that affects millions of people today. My uncle put up a long year battle of pancreatic cancer. My uncle fought his battle bravely. The doctor notified him of only living for 6 months he proved to them he was a fighter and lived a additional 6 months. He recently passed away November 13th, 2009, but he put up a great fight. My uncle and aunt adopted me and my two brothers 18years ago so basically my uncle Jesse was like my father. My uncle had three kids of his own. A successful daughter 40 years old, a talented son nine years old and a senior this year 17 years old. My uncle tried his best to hold on a little longer but he lost his battle to cancer.

I believe that anyone can beat cancer even me if I was diagnosed with it. I would most definitely pray to god everyday to give me strength and I would continue my day looking for cures and answer to fight cancer. The doctor that diagnoses you with this horrible disease notifies you of what you have to do to treat it and how long you have to live. I’m a very strong young woman who does not give up easily; nothing in life is easy besides failure. I would do my research and find the best doctors there are and give them a visit. I would not settle for another person telling me I have a couple months or a year to live. Every book I could find on caner I would read it and every article I find on cancer I would read it. I would bravely go through chemo therapy along with other therapies that help me with my symptoms and problem areas. Eating the right foods is another process to fight cancer; several different types of cancer come from foods we eat in everyday life. I would do my research and eat the foods that are most healthy and apply them to my diet.

Reaching out to people about my cancer is another step I would make in this process. If it’s anything you could do it is reach out to people. I believe if you do so other human beings in this world will see you struggling this battle and want to help you. If was diagnosed with cancer I would appreciate all the help I could receive. My uncle for example reached out to friends and family and he receive enough money to pay has hospital bills, buy him healthy foods and even get all the medical items he needed to keep him strong to fight the battle he fought. I don’t believe in too much help you could never have too much help so I would reach out to the world the best way I can.

In conclusion I would use all my resources and eat the right foods, visit the best doctors and reach out to people. Cancer is an uphill battle that can be beat or even given a tough fight. The doctors told my uncle you got 6 months but my uncle had other plans in mind. My uncle responds with a fight and he showed the doctors he had a year to continue that fight. I would put all my power and trust in god if I was given a dire cancer prognosis. This essay fully explains how I would fight cancer and try to survive. I believe it is possible because you can do anything you put your mind to. To end this essay I want to leave you with one of my favorite quotes. “Impossible is nothing”.

By: Evans, Brittany

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