What is the first thing anyone does when they get a prognosis like James Rhio O’Connor received? What do you do? Do you go by the doctors and just give up or do you fight? If I received that same prognosis I would fight for my life so that I would have as long as I could with my family. James Rhio O’Connor went out there and found ways to prolong his life and because of his research and his time he gained years not just months of life.

First thing that would come to mind is to contact the American Cancer Society to find a couple of reputable oncologists, pulmonary specialists, and treatment facilities. After sitting down with the physicians I would go over all of my possible choices; which could include chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, experimental drugs, and herbal medication. With the help of these professional I can weigh out each treatments pros and cons to make informed decision.

Next, I would use the internet to find possible oncologists and pulmonary specialists in my area. I can also use the internet to better understand the type of cancer that I have. The American Cancer Society is a good place to find the right oncologist, pulmonary specialist, and treatment facility available to you. Another resource I would use is a personal resource from my oncologist and pulmonary specialist. I would use all of these resources to do as much research to make an informed decision.

If chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries had very little to offer and would not give me any more time than any other option I would then move on to my next option. Being on chemotherapy is no way to live when there are other options to choose from that can have the same outcome. I would look into herbal treatments, changing my diet to become healthier, and experimental treatments if chemotherapy and radiation had little to offer.

It is sad that people are actually faced with these decisions every day. When getting a prognosis like this can make one really have to think about what to do and if the decision they chose is the right one. Any decision that a person makes on this prognosis is better than doing nothing and I would not sit by and do nothing. I would want as much time as I could with my loved ones.

By: Finklea, Ashley

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