Finding A Cure

Finding a cure

Rhio’s story inspired me a lot. Rhio’s storey makes me think that he wanted to live longer and besides he knew he had Mesothelioma, nothing hold him to find the right cure to keep him alive for a few more years. It is really surprising of how someone like Rhio did not want to listen what the doctors told to him about how long he was going to be alive, that he was going to die soon. It is admirable that he did discover his own cure, instead of getting depressed and sad of his illnesses, he decided to researched and looked for options, cures that would help him to live longer, and enjoyed his life.

Rhio O’Conner was a man of sixty-one years old who fought against his illness, his dead. Rhio O’Conner was another person that did survived longer with this illness called “Cancer Mesothelioma.” I believe he spent a lot of money in his cures, paying to hospitals, doctor, professional people who could help him. Thanks to all this he could survive for a little bit longer “Rhio survived for 7 ½ more years through his determination, knowledge, inexorable spirit, belief in something greater than himself, and the ability to make tough choices -qualities that spell success in any endeavor. Rhio passed away on July 11, 2009. He was 69 years old.” (

If I would have to face the same challenges as Rhio O’Conner of having Cancer Mesothelioma, I will not know what to do. I am very young, if the doctor tells me I have Cancer Mesothelioma, I will get sad and start thinking about my life, my family, friends, the time I have spend in school and the future that I will not be able to have because I will die soon. If I have the money I will try to find doctors that can help me to hold this cancer of growing and kill me. I would have to be very healthy, eat well, do exercise and try to be involved in activities that way I will not have time to think in my disease and get more stressed and worry. Since I am religious I would pray God, to help me go through this, and to give me a lot of faith so I can survive to this pain, in my mind, heart, and body.

The steps I would take if I were given a dire cancer prognosis would be; I would follow every step that the doctor tells me to do, I will take my medicine; follow every instruction he gives me. I might try to find the best doctor in the world, and help him to find a cure to stop my disease. I would try to relax, be busy, enjoy every minute of my life, enjoy my family everyone that is around me. I would do the things I always wanted to do, such as: travel around the world, donate money, and help poor people. I will try to accomplish my dreams before I die.

I would conduct my research and make an informed decision when choosing a treatment by asking for help from my family. If I see that this medicine had help other people with the same ill as me I would take. If that medicine has not done anything for anyone I will decided to find another way to stop my illness. I will buy anything that will keep alive. I would take any treatment if my doctor thinks it is good to use it, depending on what are my reactions and behaviors with this medicine I will continue taking it, if this medicine is not helping me, I will try to find another type of medicine that can control my life and will let me live without worrying about my life. Again one of the best medicines would be try to accomplish my dreams, and be around the people I love.

I would look beyond chemo, radiation and surgery if they had little to offer, I believe if I am following every step of my treatment that the doctor is giving me I should be good. I will not being interested of getting surgery or radiations, if they will not help me, that would be just a waste of money, time and hope. In the other hand if they are really going to help me or even stop my illnesses I will get them no matter what it will take to get them, I would get a loan or have someone to pay it for my but I will find something to keep me enjoying of my life.

In order to make an informed decision the resources I will use would be; my boyfriend, my family, researchers, other patients, and the doctors. I would choose my boyfriend because he is always supporting me in everything, he would be able to help me to make a choice, he would make me think and see the consequences that are going to happen. He would make me feel comfortable on anything that I diced to do. I would ask my family for advice because they are part of my life, any decision that I take it would affect them, they would support me and help me to think in my future and take the right decision about any treatment I get. I would ask patients that have being in the same situation as me and what did they do, or what are they going to do so I can have an example and get what I have to get. Since the doctors are professional in this type of illness I would ask them what would be the best thing for me, what kind of treatment should I get and how. I believe they would be the best people to let me know what type of choice I have to take.

I will have to be strong and have a positive thinking in my life. That way my family and friends would not have to worry too much about me. I will show them that I might live longer I might not but as long as I am still alive I will try to be happy and do the things I never could, so I can show them I am not afraid of the “Cancer Mesothelioma.” I will live every day as if I do not have anything; I will try to feel healthy so that way I can live longer.

By: Flores, Michelle

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