To Live Life Day By Day

Rhio’s story about his cancer, mesothelioma did not only inspire me, but I am sure cancer patients live by his story and are truly inspired by it. Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that occurs in the mesothelium, a thin layer of cells lining the body’s internal organs. More information on mesothelioma can be found at It is amazing what someone will do to live longer, fight off their enemy, be with the one’s they love, and to learn more about their cancer. Rhio’s story inspired me because I have never met anyone in my life that has as much motivation has Rhio has. He has mighty inner strength that I have never seen before. He was not ready to go and he wanted to do something for the other wonderful people out there with mesothelioma by showing them they can fight it off too. His story has given me a better outlook on life: to live life day by day and to not take too many steps at a time that I can not achieve and fall over. It just amazes me how he fought for himself, to research his cancer and to find out therapies offered, side effects, and the theories behind them. He fought for what he wanted and he fought hard. He has not only extended his life, but I am sure he has given others a much better outlook in life that has extended their beliefs and faith in themselves.

Honestly, my faith and belief in myself is not the greatest. If I was faced with the challenges that Rhio was faced with, I would have achieved some of my dreams, but would not know where to start. I would not have the strength to fight my cancer and to find out about it. If I was given a dire cancer prognosis, I would not know what to do besides live life to the greatest. I would look at how much time they have given me and think that is all I have left, I would not have the strength to go out and do something about it. Rhio had belief and strength and knew he was not ready to end his life. When researching my cancer, I do not think I would know where to start. I would just look up information on the internet and contact my doctor. By researching, I would most likely just read about my cancer prognosis and not do anything about it. It is a hard position to be in because I can not even think about having cancer and I would just look to the chemo or radiation, I would not look beyond that because I would not know what to do. On making my decision I would use as many resources I could, but mostly my family, boyfriend, doctors, and pastor. I trust and believe in all of them, and know they are there to support me and to help me out.

Just reading about Rhio has inspired me. To see someone fight for what they want and to not give up is amazing. He has taught me to be strong, live life to the fullest, and to not give up. Those people out there like Rhio are the ones we need in our life to strengthen us and give us faith. He has shown to be a wonderful man and one that will not settle for the worse.

By: Fore, Amy

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