No Wrong Decisions

The issues of “cancer” is by far one of the hardest and uncomparable emotions one person can endure. Until you personally have experienced this tragedy head-on, there is no way anyone could possibly know how this devastation affects so many lives.

This disease has taken us by storm. I feel as if there just isn’t enough, nor will there ever be, enough research to learn more about the mysteries of this deadly cell that destroys mankind. I feel as if there just isn’t enough monetary resources of supply, to fund the research, so desperately needed for the demand. There simply just isn’t enough revenue to fund the research. Futhermore, there just isn’t enough money for support. Support meaning not only in research, but also in rehabilitation as well. Taking Hospice for insatance. Without the support of the community centers and the support of it’s volunteers, rehabilitation centers would be virtually nothing. Without the compasion of other’s, survival would be almost none to nothing. For without compassion in our hearts the world would be living hell. Basically, cancer is the devil. It controls you, from the moment of testing, to the moments of waiting, and from those moments on, till the moments of not even knowing.

Although, it is true we all have our own undefined encounters and obstacles in our lives, and we all must face them, in some way ,in some form, or fashion. Even though some reasons are due to our own terrible life forming habits. Habits that are dangerous to our own health. Take smoking for instance. Also, by not forming those healthy habits that are best for us. Like our diet and exercise. Also take into consideration that chemicals and poisons in our food and water could be another big conttributor. Also in our products. In our air. But mankind is best known for it’s own destruction. And the soultion is best left to economics and evironmental speicalist.

I feel as if sometimes things happen beyond our control and sometimes things happen that we can control. Feeling of helplessness and wanting nothing more to back that control, is one of the worse feelings in the world.

The options to whether or not I would even consider the intake of a poison ( chemo-therapy) that has been researched and testesd to cure cancer. Well to be honest, I personally have had the unfortunate privelage of facing this terrifying decision. My decisions were not easy to make and I know for a fact, that no one else’s are either. And I believe in alternate medicine, I believe in homepathic medicine . I believe in Herbal medicine as well. Along with doing everything a person can do to survive. I know you must trust in your doctor’s and pull together not only as a community but as a family. For with out them, it would be physically and mentally impossible for recovery. One simply cannot give up. And that was my choice. It was a decision that was a rat-race to the human mind. A cycle of a round a round circle in my head. It is one’s own decision and to b respected by all. Unfortunately, for some us, we are the chosen ones. Whether ourselves as victims, someone in our family, or a close friend, either way we are victimized. This disease affects us all. Everyone involved. And it is life changing forever, There is no wrong decisions. Sometimes there is no right decision. It is all controlled by fate. However miracles do happen. And the survivors tell all. My heart goes out to the cancer victim’s of this dreadful disease. My soul bleeds for the victim’s of pain, and for those that suffer from any form of cancer.

By: Francis, Darlene

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