God Is The One That Has The Final Word

If I was given a cancer prognosis, I would want to enjoy what’s left of my life with my family and friends. I would enjoy the years of life that God gave me and thank him for the life that I have. I would pray that if he decided on taking me with him, that I wouldn’t question why. I would want to spend what is left of my life living it with my family, having fun and taking them to places we have never been like another state or country. If I was to conduct my research, I would study what kind of cancer I have and determine if it’s curable. If there is no cure I would have faith that if God lets me live another year or so, I would never lose that faith. If the doctors say that there is no cure or treatment for the type of cancer that I have, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to cure in the eyes of God. Doctors may say there is no cure, but God can perform miracles and give you another opportunity to live your life. I would look more into God’s power rather that surgery or radiation. God can perform miracles that even doctors and surgeons can’t explain how. I wouldn’t make any decision because I don’t have the power to say that I’m going to live or not. God is the one that has the final word in my situation.

By: Fuentes, Edgar

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