A Great Deal Of Determination

It takes a great deal of determination for a man, condemned to death, to reject such a prognosis as terminal cancer, and seek out a chance to live. Rhio O’Conner took on a task, which few would have had the strength to undergo, and some may have believed that his only reward would have been his eminent demise. Such a view overlooks the very core of determination, and denies a truth, which Rhio discovered in his grand search for nothing greater than a chance at life. I share his conviction, and under such devastating circumstances would pursue life beyond the diagnosis of a single expert.

In my search I would remain optimistic, as Rhio did, while being certain not to allow this to distort my sense of reality. Under these circumstances, it is key to pay attention to those signs, which the body provides, as the cancer takes root and continues to spread. Such a problem, however, would not defer me from my goal, but drive me to seek the solution more persistently as my condition worsened. I would go to every expert I could find, being certain not to reject any of their prognoses simply because they were not what I wished to hear. Those professionals that agreed with me would provide me with little insight, which I did not already have, and so the views of those least agreeable professionals would be the main source of my most basic research. To outright reject the view of somebody who has spent their lives studying a field, which I would have only a few years of research into would be an error. Rhio most likely recognized this when choosing his team of specialists, and so the opinions of the more controversial experts would be of greater importance to me than those of the professionals whose methods had already been proven to fail.

In my research I would look into the possible solutions recommended by the most aggressive researchers, and try to understand the cause for their conclusions, focusing on their sources and differences in their opinions. Certainly such areas of study would be those which were least explored, leaving the most room for human interpretation. While being sure not to ignore areas of immense study, I would dig deeper into these areas, hoping to understand why they never received close research or proper funding, and seeking to find clues, which might assist me in making more definite discoveries. These discoveries could help to eliminate the chance for human error.

In order to avoid my own error I would be sure to continue to consult with my chosen team of experts to see how their opinions varied on my hypotheses. These opinions would insure that my conclusions would remain more based on scientific fact than on false hope. As my understanding grew, I would seek to bring it together into a workable prognosis, and consult with my team to develop an effective treatment plan. With the help of this team I would undergo the therapy, which we determined to be the most effective in prolonging my life, and controlling this cancer.

Having taken part in the development of my own treatment, I would have a diagnosis that I trusted; however, this would not be an ultimate resolution for me. To accept my first conclusion would hardly differ from accepting the first conclusion presented to me by my original doctor. As long as I suffered from a cancer, and as long as my cancer still went without any proven cure, I would continue to repeat this research process looking ever deeper into those areas I had not explored. Simply accepting that my time had come would be a far less burdensome path to take, and the choice most people would likely make. I, like Rhio, however, see the importance in dedication to human life, and to the battle against those problems, which plague our world. Even if I succeeded in only extending my life by a few years, these years would be crucial for the understanding of cancer, and for the unending quest to improve the human condition. A single undereducated man, led by extraordinary determination can instill hope and accomplish more than a thousand scholars without any dedication. For more information on the cancer Rhio suffered from click here, or log onto www.survivingmesothelioma.com

By: Gamache, Robert

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