What Would I Do Facing The Diagnoses Of Having An Incurable Disease Of Cancer?

What would I do facing the diagnoses of having an incurable disease of cancer?

In December of 1994, I went to the doctor to see about a lump that was on my breast. My sister in the previous years had had one and got it removed, it wasn‘t cancerous. So, I decided to do the same. I was living in Lakeland, Florida at that time (I am still living here). I was going back home, to Los Angeles for Christmas and decided while I was there I would go to the doctor to see what this lump was and remove it.

After taking all the test and X-rays the doctor wanted my sister and I to come into her office. I later realized that she wanted my sister, and any other family member, in the office because of her dramatic experiences of telling her patiences that they had Cancer. She told me not only do I have cancer, but a very aggressive type that spread rapidly. She said, I had less than two months to have any type of treatment and have a change of being successful. The treatment she wanted to do was what they called ‘radical and aggressive‘.

I being a Christian minister, everyone I knew and minister to that had cancer died. I would pray over these people that God would heal them from this cancer, but they died anyway. So, while the doctor was telling my sister and me I had cancer, in my spirit I begin to say to myself I am finally going to see God! I am going to see the God I have been worshiping and serving all of these years, Wow. This is what I had been waiting for all of my Christian life. Believe it or not, I even started asking myself, what will I wear to see my God? Then out of a distant I heard the doctor calling my name asking me was I alright. I told her to give me a little time at least after the holidays. She granted me that.

When my sister and I was riding back home, I was still in my thoughts about my actually going to see God, when she finally broke the silent and asked, ‘Now, what are you going to do?’ I told her, ‘I was going to stand on God’s Words, if He can’t heal me than I’m going to stop preaching He’s a healer!’ We rode the rest of the way in silent, but I was thinking, Wow, I going to see God!!

God lead me to a pastor who layed hands on me (when someone lays his hands on you and pray that God would heal you). I actually passed out and heard the voice of the Lord, tell me I would live and not died. Believe it or not I had prepare myself to died. I wanted to see God. So, I dismissed the voice and continue with my thoughts of seeing God! But, God came to me two more separate times, saying that I would live and not died, and I received the Words of God. Then I asked God, ’if I am to live do I have the surgery the doctors tell me I need? Or can you not heal me direct? I will wait on your Word, God. I will not move until you tell me too.

I have been waiting for sixteen years now. Through my waiting I have gone thru a lot, but I can truly say that God is a healer. He did heal me.

I am now facing my husband’s diagnoses of having ‘ana plastic thyroid cancer’. I had to looked this up. Because my husband faith in God is not as strong we did things different. I have researched and tried different methods of health treatments. But, this cancer is fast growing and is incurable. It is located around his throat and was crushing his windpipe. Because, we had limited funds we were not able to do a lot of different things that I looked up. So, now he is on radiation and too weak for chemo. I am still trusting everything to God and praying that He will allow my husband will get thru this too.

By: Gibbs, Diana M.

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