My Bible, My Faith In God, And Determination

If I were given a dire cancer prognosis, I would accept it as a part of life. I lost my grandmother back in 2005 to cancer and ever since then, I promised myself to never take chemo treatments. I had to watch her suffer day after day from either the chemo treatments making her sick or the cancer draining her life away. Sure the chemo treatments gave me five more years with her, but I still had to see her in a casket two days before her birthday. I promised myself that God would be my treatment. I am strong on faith and believe God heals us all. Sure we are blinded by doctors and medications of many forms, but God is the true healer and the true doctor of us all. If I ever develop cancer, I will simple face it knowing I have God. If I should die from cancer, then I will die not for the greed to live another year longer but knowing my time was up. As most all cancer patients hear the news that they have a certain time to live, like my grandmother, chemo and medications are taken away because it doesn’t work anymore. I would face cancer and say, “I have cancer and I may die…but God can cure me and show his power that I may live as an example of what true medicine is.” All I would ever need to beat cancer is my Bible, my Faith in God, and Determination to be a walking example of the true cure. Cancer takes the strongest people we ever know and to hear them tell you that there afraid to die really hurts. I live day after day not being able to tell my grandmother to not be afraid, but I do know that if the time comes…I will be strong to face this so called “un-curable” disease.

By: Gillespie, Matt

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