Live Life To The Fullest!

Live life to the fullest! Those words come to mind when I think of James “Rhio” O’Connor. James “Rhio” O’Connor’s inspiration and courage to live gave me a different perspective on life. Here I am! Worrying about how I am going to pay my mortgage, to be able to fix my car, or trying to complete a last minute report by noon. Here is this person, James “Rhio” O’Connor, who was living his life to the fullest when tragedy occurred. Upon the diagnose of this deadly cancer (mesothelioma), Rhio continue to live as though he did not have this deadly cancer. He did not allow this disease to control his life. He controlled this disease. He has inspires me to enjoy life and to not take things for granted.

James “Rhio” O’Connor was diagnosing with mesothelioma in October of 2001 because of the exposure of asbestos when he was young. The doctor told him that he would lived a year. Because of the severity of the cancer, Rhio could not able to do surgery. However, Rhio was determining to beat this cancer. He worked with clinicians and was able to use more than 100 supplements every day. He changed his diet and practiced mind-body and for that he lived for 7 ½ years. He was 69 years old when he died on July 11, 2009.

“To” be honest, I would not know what to do if I was diagnose with this cancer or any other diseases for that matter. The first thing I would do is cry and asks “why.” I would ask myself if I did something wrong. On the other hand, if I ate something that gave me this cancer. Alternatively, if I used something that gave me this cancer. I would be in a total shock because in my mine, situation like this do not occur in my life. It would take me a minute(s) to accept the fact that I have this deadly cancer. I would have to face reality and accept the facts that I do have this disease. My whole view of life will completely changed because of this situation. I would look at life as a gift and a purpose.

The first step that I would take is to find a cure for this disease. I would want to know how I got this cancer. “Is it genetic?” “Is it air born?” “What causes this cancer?” “What are the symptoms?” “What is life expectancy if someone has this cancer?” I would research! The second step is I would get different opinions and facts from different doctors, researchers, and scientists. I would what to know everything. The third step is I would talk with anyone who is currently battling this cancer. In addition, also speak to those who fought it and recover from it. I would want to know all aspect of this cancer. Finally, I would want to be knowledgeable and share my information so that I could educate and help others.

The way that I would conduct my research is to establish a business relationship with different doctors who currently have patients and who had patients with this cancer. I would want to know their opinions and their facts on this cancer. In their own prosepctative, I want them to explain their diagnose of this disease from their own experience. In addition, I would do the same with researchers and scientists too. I would want to know what type of information they have find about mesothelioma. I know that mesothelioma is a cancer that develops from the protective lining that covers many body’s internal organs. Peoples, who develop mesothelioma, contact this cancer from inhaling asbestos particles from their workplace. In addition, washing clothes from family members who work with asbestos can be at risk, too. That is shocking information to know about. The place that person work and the air that person breathe can cause them to develop this cancer. I am amazed by this information!

I would find ways to treat this cancer. Yes! I would look beyond chemo, radiation, and surgery to see if there are ways to treat and cure this cancer. With this, where researchers and scientists play a crucial part in finding a cure or treating this cancer. I would research the affect of natural herbs in treating or curing this cancer. I would research, if living a healthy life and eating health foods will contribute to treating and/or finding a cure for this cancer. I want to know my options. I want to know if there is a medicine(s) that can completely cure not only this cancer, but also all different type of cancers.

The types of resources that I would use for my research are doctors, researchers, scientists, friends, and family who dealt with this cancer. I would use clinicians to get a strategic number of how many people who have this cancer. I would talk to teachers to get more information and their perspective on this cancer. I would go to the libraries to see if there is enough information about this cancer to the public. In addition, I would talk to other patients and get their opinions, too. I would want different opinions, and facts from each and one of them. This will give a board of information about mesothelioma and how it affects people.

By: Glover, Scarlene F.

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