What Steps Would I Take If I Got A Cancer Prognosis?

What steps would I take if I got a cancer Prognosis?

At eighteen years old I have known several people who have either died or fought off cancer. Cancer can be a very scary for both you and your family. However if you inform yourself on the cancer you have , you are able to make the best choice possible for survival.

How would I conduct my research and make and informed decision if I had cancer? First I would ask my doctor to tell me all they could about the cancer I had. Next I would most likely go to the local library and take out any medical book I could find on the cancer. I would then make sure to journal all that I might find from the books. Finally I would go to the online world and research the cancer. After all my research is done I would go back to the doctors and talk to them some more and show them what I found.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatment are always an option to cancer patients. However I would look past that to see what else I could do. For example surgery or even bone marrow transplants would be my first option. Reasoning behind that is because everyone I have known did not like going through chemo of radiation. They said that it makes you feel even more sick with it and they lose a lot of hair and when it grows back it hurts. I would also see if there was any medication I could take so that I did not have to go through chemo or radiation.

Going through cancer can be very tough. On the other hand however with the right research and treatment you are bound to over come it. Another way of beating cancer is just staying positive and strong and to keep faith in your self.

By: Goode, Meghan

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