We Can Get Through

In honor of James Rhio O’Connor’s spirit of self determination through his ordeal with a deadly cancer, this is what I would do if faced with the diagnosis of cancer. I would first go to the most respected doctor in my area, which would probably be one at Johns Hopkins University. I’m lucky to have such a respected facility in my area. I would review all options that I have and make the best possible decision for me and my family. I would education myself and learn everything possible about my diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care.

Cancer is a very scary thing. I just watched my mother go though breast cancer. She had surgery, chemo and radiation and is now thank god IS a survivor! She went through her ordeal as a trooper as she does everything. Just the way she did raising my and my older brother. With the help of our family and my rock solid Dad, she was able to get through her ordeal of cancer.

I imagine that cancer puts a perspective on life that you never knew before. You tend to forget about the “little things” that in the long haul mean nothing. Fighting for your life with cancer as James Rhio O’Connor did, now that is a life changing event. It’s one that no one wants to be in, however, we can get through.

By: Gordon, Charles

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