What If

What If

I definitely believe that humans are really amazing through our strength that is shown but also our many weaknesses. One common thing that I noticed with all human beings is our will to push the limit especially when things get very rough. The perfect example of this would be with James Rhio O’Connor who outlived his Doctors prediction of him only having a few months to live after being diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in 2001. Besides from being a very inspiring story I have discovered that Women just might be stronger that Men since most of the time Men or more likely than women to get mesothelioma. In general it is a known fact that women live longer than men, but this is not to take away from James Rhio O’Connor’s perseverance.

If I was diagnosed with a dire cancer than I would make sure that I seek out someone who does counseling and a dietician, along with researching the best treatments. The human body is very fragile of course because if someone becomes very ill than they become vulnerable to becoming extremely sick. Having a deadly disease may disable the normal functions or organs and make life more painful. But being a woman I know that I would have to be strong and have the courage to seek therapy in all forms and I believe that psychological therapy would be very important. Learning that I have cancer and a certain amount of time would be so devastating to me. I can only imagine being in so much shock and wondering what the ones who are close to me would feel. Telling my family members about the new discovery would be important so I can get their support and catch up on spending quality time together.

Undertaking the task of wanting to beat my cancer it would take a lot of mental strength to think positive. Just taking everything one day at a time and have a fighting spirit would get me through. Taking counseling in group therapy with people who may have cancer or are survivors might be beneficial to me. Being able to talk to others who have been through the same thing I am going through is really wonderful because I will have more hope for the future.

With learning about my new diagnosis I would seek out a Dietician so I can know exactly what the correct foods that I should be eating. The saying that you are what you eat is so true. I actually would but more thought into what I drink and eat than before I became ill with cancer. I believe that I am already more healthier than the average American because I don’t eat fast food religiously. I know that it would probably be a good idea to eat more organic foods.

However, I would only plan on eating what my dietician recommends for me even if that means no more microwave dinners by Healthy Choice and other brands that I love. Eating nutritious and not getting to enjoy baked goods and sweets would be the small price I would have to pay just to ensure I am eating right. Most likely I would have to stick to taking a mandatory amount of vegetables and fruits. I would have to start eating according to the food pyramid which I have never followed in a consistent manner. Eating at least three ounces of whole-grains including cereals and pastas, more dark green and orange veggies, fresh fruits, lean meats and beans. It should be all about eating everything in proportion. Also, working out would be very important for me as well or some type of movement that won’t stress me so much.

The most important action that would have to be taken in everything is finding out what would be the best treatment. My options would be surgery, chemo therapy or radiation; and my choice would be Chemo therapy. I would on plan on taking the pills for Chemo Therapy and would be fully prepared for the side effects that come along. Loosing hair is one of the side effects and I would have no problem with that, on the bright side I would get the chance to wear wigs often. There are other side effects such as anemia and fatigue. The best thing to do is just hope that the side effects will be acute.

Going through the same experience as Rhio O’Connor would teach me a lot because I would have to go through a lot just to get all the help I would need. Overall, with counseling and support, a great diet and my chemo therapy I will have everything that need in order to kill all of the cancer cells and get back to being completely well. In society people are always concerned about how the outside looks and being very attractive but in reality if there is something wrong in the inside you are worst off. Without good health not everything will be impossible but enduring the pain will not make like the most enjoyable, but if I was diagnosed with cancer I wouldn’t just give up.

Being diagnosed with cancer and having the fight to survive it would be the greatest lesson of my life. This is after all what it’s all about once everything is said and done…..what did I gain and give in my life that can be a great lesson for someone else?

By: Grant, Jasmine

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