The Utmost Respect For Mr. Rhio O’Connor

I want to start off by saying I have the utmost respect for Mr. Rhio O’Connor. He has to be a strong person to have to go through so many obstacles in his life. If I were in his position and being the person I am, I would have to give it some serious thought. Life is sacred and not too many people get to live it. I would do any and everything to get the right treatment so if a cancer prognosis is necessary, I will go through with it. The things I would do to get me prepared for such an event is talk to my family. My family is very comforting towards me and I know they will always see the positive out of a situation when I don’t. Family is a special asset to have in any situation especially for a life-threatening one. Any person can panic in this situation so to have people in your corner is always great.

The research I will do is find out who else had this type of disease. Find out what they did as far as a process. I want to know what they did to calm down and focus on living instead of dying. I can’t truly speak on how these victims are feeling but to know your life is fading away every day, it’s hard to think about more things to do with yourself. Things you never thought that you would do your doing them and that can be very nerve-racking. These other people may know exactly what to do in a crisis such as this. Reading articles can also have correct reasons for diseases such as cancer. Looking into various things about help will always be accommodating to your health as far as telling you what to do. Doing this may be the best way to get ways to prepare you for this type of epidemic.

If chemo and any type of surgery wouldn’t help me a lot, I would still get it because any help will be good help. I would want to live my life to the fullest. Help goes a long way so to receiving it will always benefit you. As long as I’ve developed skills to keep myself in a calmer attitude and take things easy, I can be alright. If chemo and radiation can in some keep me at a steady pace everyday then I can deal with that.

In conclusion, if I can definitely ask Mr. O’Conner about the things he did, I will. I would ask him the things that made him life more than six years past his “assigned” death date. This can be the best advice for someone with cancer because he has done a lot with the days he had left. He was really helped people such as myself to life no matter what the case may be. I can truly respect this man for his cooperativeness, happiness and being a man for what he stands for even when everything may be gone.

By: Gray, Tremell

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