The Treatment

I can’t imagine the pain it is for someone to find out that they have cancer. Though breast cancer does run in my family, I believe if I were to get it, I would start off by asking my doctor some questions. Of course, I know my doctor will tell me all that they know about the cancer, like where it is in my body, what it’s doing to my body, and how long they can estimate for me to live. But I would like to ask more deeper questions for them, like what changes will my body go through during this? What stage am I at? What happens at this stage? Will chemotherapy and surgery help me? Is my heart strong enough to go through surgery? What can I do if I do not want surgery?

The second step I would take is to try and find as much as I can, that my doctor did not or could not answer, on the internet.

The last step I would take will be to talk to my aunt, who had breast cancer earlier, and ask her how did she over come it.

There are many decisions that will have, in choosing the right treatment for me. I know that in making that decision my doctor will discuss what treatment maybe best for me. They would tell me the facts of each treatment and how my body would react to them. But to choose a treatment varies at each stage. If I were at an advance stage like metastatic, I would choose radiation instead of chemo and surgery. Radiation would be best to treat this stage of cancer because it uses a high radiation beam to kill cancer cells. It damages more cancer cells than it does normal cells, however, it still can damage normal cells. It is harder for cancer cells to repair themselves after radiation treatment than it is for normal cells to, so it is okay to use this. I believe that surgery and chemo may have some good effects to them if I were in the advance stage; because if I were to have surgery, a surgeon my not get all of the cancer cells out of the body. But with radiation the cancer cells should all be gone.

So in conclusion, I would choose radiation over surgery and chemotherapy. This way I would have more confidence that all of the cancer cells are gone. Plus, exercise and eating healthy can also help my body to be strong when going through the treatment.

By: Harden, Tiffiana

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