A Strong Man

James “Rhio” O’ Conner faced many challenges when he found out that he had cancer. He went through many trials and tribulations for him to live another six years with the cancer he had. When you are faced with this type of situation, you must live life at the fullest, for you never know when your last day might be. I would take the same approach that he took. I would vigorously search and understand the cancer I had, so that I could be able to help myself. I would go to the library to get books, research online, and talk to as many doctors or specialists that I could, so that we could come up with a cure or a workable treatment that would help me and others. When notified that I have cancer, I would first tell my family that I have cancer. You must notify the ones you love, so that this won’t be a surprise to them when the time comes for you to die. When choosing a treatment to help fight against the cancer, I would discuss this with my family so that we could choose the right treatment. If these treatments, such as chemo, radiation, or surgery, had little to offer I wouldn’t take them and I would just go on about my own life, spending as much time as I could with my family. There would be no reason to continue going to these treatments if they aren’t working. Instead of going through the pain of those treatments, I could do the things I would want to. Mr. O’ Conner was a strong man that faced challenges through his life and he proved to his family and the world that he wouldn’t be put down. I would be very appreciative if I received this scholarship. It would help further my education at Prairie View A&M University where I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

By: Henry, Creed

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