An Awesome Inspiration In Life

James “Rhio” O’Connor is an awesome inspiration in life. Here was someone who was pronounced a death sentence by his physician from the affects of pleural mesothelioama cancer, and given only months left to live. Early in James’ life he was exposed to asbestus, which was later discovered to be the cause of this rare form of cancer. Howbeit, instead of mental defeat, he rather tackled the challenge at hand with optimism and tenacity. Rhio refused to roll over and accept the terms given but rather, perceived opportunity beyond the traditional scope of his condition. He was a man of hope, for in that hope he was constantly positive to discover natural, mental, and nutritional methods that would open doors to longevity.

I believe much like James O’Connor in the way of hope. This hope and optimistic worldview is much of what has brought me to where I am and who I am today. Starting with my childhood I have always had a fascination with indigenous and native cultures around the world. I was amazed by their knowledge of the earth and especially the edible, medicinal, and utilitarian uses of plants. With time, this passion led me to several outstanding teachers who possessed and passed on much of their knowledge to me. In particular I love the “magic” of the medicinal uses and practices of the plant world. Their affects on the human body can be mesmerizing to say the least. It is here I would like to introduce one of the many lessons in which Rhio O’Connor has further inspired me.

Nearly ten years ago my sister Tammy had an infection in her pinky toe. She complained about the pain and the swelling in her little toe. Within two days her toe was swollen to a point she could no longer wear a shoe and it was a deep red with a line traveling up toward her ankle. She and her husband were in a very tight financial situation and could not afford penicillin shots or having the sepsis, (blood poisoning), drained intravenously. In that time those were the medical options for the cure. She was distraught with her situation and nearly in tears. It was then that I asked her if I could “practice” on her. She quickly agreed and I was off to gather the ancient recipe. I had learned from an elderly native man about a plant that would draw the sepsis out through the skin by soaking the infected part of the body in the hot tincture. In the mean time, she tried Epsom salts, and a few other purchased products, but to no avail.

On my return a day later, her foot was worse than ever. The red line was bold in color and was making its way past her ankle. I then infused the plants with near boiling water and made a strong concoction. We then soaked the entire foot and ankle for two hours. During the soaking she noticed no change at all except all where the infection was it was tingly. I then gave her the instructions I was given by my old friend and teacher, that within a few hours all should go back to normal. I left their home that evening and returned in the morning to check up. Tammy came down exuberant with joy that her foot looked completely normal and all the redness and swelling were gone. She said the only complaint was that where the red line was and her toe now had an insatiable itch.

This particular plant experience launched my desire to reach into many of the untapped realms of medicine on all levels. I later learned from another friend who is a chemical engineer for a pharmaceutical company that nearly all modern medicines are produced from plants. The scientists learn of a plant use like mine, and then often take years to study and locate the active ingredient, which in turn they patent and sell to us as modern medicine. To the best of my knowledge, I had a very rare medicinal substance that was at that time unknown to modern medicine.

There have been several other dramatic instances where I was able to apply remedies from the past wisdom of cultures long forgotten where I witnessed a patient cured when modern drugs were ineffective. This is also the example Rhio set. I believe that every disease on earth also has a cure in the natural world. I too am a firm believer that the Creator has given us provision to heal any sickness or disease if we are willing to listen. I am a person of hope. Most people wait until a storm hits to prepare. I believe in constant study and learning for the betterment of not only myself but also those around me who can glean from my labor. James O’Connor has opened an awesome door to show us that we all have much to learn, and that there is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to tap into if we are willing to take courage. If I were faced with the same challenges as Rhio was, I would have to say I would intensify my studies and mental attitude; much the same as he did. I would go back to one of my elderly teachers that I know who has used mixtures of various North American plants to wholly cure various sorts of cancers. I would also use the power envisioning the desired end result. Even science has confirmed that our cells know what we believe. They don’t necessarily know the information we know, but they do know our subconscious core beliefs. So, with envisioning, I would hold a constant mental image of my health and wellbeing and what it feels like and experience that within myself.

I understand these are easy things to talk about rather than put into action. But, that is why I am constantly learning and growing. I am a student as much as I am a teacher, if not more so. James was extremely courageous and strong to take the path that he did. I believe we too can learn from his example and take his studies even further. He did the right thing with the information he had. I too would look outside of chemotherapy and radiation. It has been proven that there are alternative methods and solutions. One of the primary differences of a caner survivor and victim is there mental state. Those with purpose, determination, and optimism are the majority of survivors. There is no resource to overlook when dealing cancers. Many studies have discovered various truths we can glean from. It is learning what works within each study, and culminating as much as you can to add to your arsenal. Everyone is unique and every body is a little different. So, no one can truly say there is one “cure-all” for everyone. Some people need a slightly different dosage of a particular treatment, where other people’s bodies would refuse that treatment all together.

I am now returning to school to pursue my degree in Biology. There have been some amazing opportunities presented which are right in line with everything James O’Connor believed in and pursued. My goal is to finish my degree and return to Ecuador and Costa Rica to work with the indigenous. We have made friends with local governments and my heart is to document and research the culture of the few remaining cultures that yet live close to the earth. Their knowledge is dying and quickly being forgotten. Since there is very little recorded about South and Central American plants and their uses for edible, medicinal, and utilitarian my aim is to preserve this knowledge.

I have friend who is a certified herbalist and has a medical PhD and he has further informed me of a peculiar plant found in Brazil which is said to be close to one thousand times more effective than chemotherapy. It is currently being studied to identify its active ingredient for sale to the public. These are the discoveries I am passionate about. I am an accomplished author and plan to present my future documentations in writing for others like James who search for answers.

By: Herrema, Clint

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