Take Affirmative Action

When 61-year-old James Rhio O’Connor was diagnosed with terminal cancer he was give only one year to live. Pleural Mesothelioma is a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos; symptoms include shortness of breath, cough and fluid in the lungs. When James was diagnosed with this disease rather than giving in he began to research and tackle the illness in a positive and pragmatic way. By researching and theorizing the serious conditions his body was subject to. His story is nothing short of a miracle and proves that with an optimistic levelheaded approach to life anything is possible.

As a full time student commuting 2 hours to FIT and pursuing a degree in Art Therapy I am motivated to heal. As a Fine Artist with previous instruction at MICA I know how important it is to work safely with harmful chemicals. I would like to show others the importance of this.

James Rhio formulated a regimen of over 100 supplements a day, changed his diet, practiced mind-body medicine, and relied on his own discipline to see him through the difficult times which confronted him. By taking the initiative and steps Rhio survived for 7 ½ more years a miraculous feat.

If I were diagnosed with a fatal cancer I would begin to take affirmative action immediately. I would begin by studying the origin of the disease then the symptoms and what to expect to begin to prioritize my new life accordingly. I would talk to my doctors to gain knowledge of all that I do not know of the disease, but not rely solely on their opinions of how to handle treatment. Being sure to make educated decisions for myself holistically and optimistically. Watch a funny movie; spend time with family and people I cherish. The old saying “Laughter is the best medicine.” Recent studies in quantum physics promote evidence that our DNA is more responsive, or interactive than we realize.

Given this scholarship I will continue to research and educate myself on the science of healthy living. It is my dream to attend Yale and educate people on healthy habits.

This in essence comes from the truth that our perceptions of relativity and concepts of disease and healing can be manipulated simply by consciously making the choice to be happy. All bodily ailments occur from a chemical im balance in the mind. Our brains are constantly firing electric Theta DNA healing and epigenetic state simply that in doing all I know to heal myself I would hope to find a cure, which I could share to others suffering from the same sickness.

By: Hickey, Erin

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