To Live With Cancer

To Live With Cancer

The doctor’s entered the room, the grim looks on all three of their faces told me the news was not in my favor. The tallest of them, an older man with black eyes, whom looked as if he could use about twenty years of sleep looked down at me and with a long deep sigh spoke. “Ma’am the test results came back, you have mesothelioma lung cancer.” The next few lines flew by without much reconition, I was in an utter state of shock. I have heard of this disease, It is virtually incurable. The hospital immediately placed me under the care & supervision of the hospice foundation. Once alone in my little white room, I was left to think. To think of all the things I will never get to see, goals I haven’t yet accomplished & why did this happen to me.

They gave me a list about a mile long explaining the “causes” of the disease. I’ve never worked in an abestos plant, or had prolonged exposures to any of these chemicals listed & I don’t smoke or use tobbacco products in anyway. So why me? All of these things run through my head as the doctors are giving me treatment options. I told myself I would never take chemotheropy or radation if I got cancer. Not knowing that a few years later,, “Ma’am” a younger woman with glasses shook my shoulder. She must be a nurse. “Yes?” “Are you wanting these treatments?” Ah the inevitable question, come on Cheyenne it’s just a simple yes or no…

Chemotheropy is the introduction of numerous drugs into your body designed to detroy the cancer cells, but they also with unfortuntly attack your owns cells as well. Which in turn could cause you to become violently ill, therefore forcing the process to be postponed until you regain your health. With cancer there is no regaining your health, your always on the watch even in remission. Radation, just a bunch of over powered xrays burning you from the inside out. Cheyenne you promised yourself you wouldn’t do it! My mind is reminding me of how strongly against these treatments I am. “I guess, I will take the treatments if they’ll help any”

The above story isn’t true but it goes to show how difficult the process of just deciding to take the treatments to try and cure yourself is. I’ve had numerous people in my family die from cancer, all of whom have taken the treatments at one point during the fight. It’s not an easy choice to make & going day after day to get the treatments aren’t east either. You do get very ill, your always weak & sometimes your body gets blisters from the radiation. James Rhio O’Connor had this decision to make when the doctor’s gave him the bad news.

Mr. O’Connor’s doctor upon telling him the treatments wouldn’t work gave him less than a year to live. His doctor told him frankly it was time to get everything in order because he was going to die. O’Connor refused this, he changed everything about his life just to live a little longer, he wasn’t ready to let the cancer beat him. He took suplements, focused on a higher power to bring him life and even changed his eating habits. By doing this he proved the doctor and many other wrong. James Rhio O’Connor died on July 11,2009 of Pleural Mesothelioma seven & a half years after his prognoses.

James O’Connor didn’t once use the treatments offered by medical specialists to “cure” him & he didn’t let a death sentence kill him. Living with cancer isn’t a pretty picture no matter which way or what colors you use to paint it. It’s a nasty, painful disease that in the end will leave you either dead or a broken person. If I myself was truly given the news that I was indeed dying of the disease, I would do everything in my power to prove the doctor wrong. Not just for myself, but for every other person in the world who is told just to give up & let go. Mr. O’Connor not only prolonged his own life but gave inspiration to millions of other cancer patients who have also been given the ok to just go ahead and die. They’re fighting the disease their own way & pulling through just fine. They aren’t loosing their hair & getting burns all over them, they’re striving to do the impossible to live past their prescribed death. Cancer is a word feared by every person alive to day, it’s claimed the lives of the millions it’s infected, but James “Rhio” O’Connor didn’t let that fear of a word stop him from living, and I would follow in his well placed footprints and never back down.

By: Ivie, Cheyenne M.

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