God’s Knowledge

If I was face with the same challenges that Rhio faced I would pray to God asking Him for strengthen and wisdom to conduct the research and make inform decision when choosing a treatment. Then I would go to the library to look up information such as what is the cancer and the different type of cancer treatment. I would go to docters and ask them question to satisify my concern and understanding of the cancer. Pray to God asking Him to privide a place that would give me the best treatment and while getting the treatment I would cut down on the certain food that I eat.

The cancer will not stop me from enjoying life that God has bestowed for me. I would look to God while I am looking at others treatment other than Chem, Radition, and surgery. My decision is base on God’s knowledge of my health and by looking for result, I may be able to help other make their decison.

By: Jamieson, Cadesha

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