The One Thing That Kills Us Faster Is Simply Our Fears

Rhio O’ Connor , a sixty-one year old man, was diagonsed with pleural mesothelioma caused by the exposure of asbestos. He was given a year to live, instead of iving up, he found his own path to health and outlived his prognosis by more than six years. Today, many people have been diagnosed with this illness, but I want to share my views on how Rhios’s story inspired me; what I will do if I was faced with the same challenges; how I will conduct my research and make the best decision when choosing a treatment, and finally, what I would do to look beyond chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery if they had little to offer.

First, Rhio’s story inspired me because it has helped me gain a better understanding that cancer is a class of disease characterized by out-of-control cell growth, to be the best I can be, make the most of every opportunity given to me by God, and the people all around me. Majority of men and women in this recent times are diagnosed with cancer, we still do not know what sets off the cell growth, but it is steadily taking the lives of people knowingly and unknowingly. For instance, my aunt lived with cancer, unknown to her, she fell ill, and when she got to the hospital it was pronounced to her that she had a stage three breast cancer. On the twenty-first of Febuary, 2010, she died, not because she was not strong eneough, but at that stage of her illness, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery had little to offer. I only wish there was something I could do, but that Rhio could outlive this disease, is a relief that something can be done.

Furthermore, if I were told I had cancer, I would be scared but with God on my side,I am aware HE would give me strength to know what steps to take, after developing a high and strong spirit, I would brace up and know the chances of recovery, make more friends, and make sacrifices when it comes to my meal plans, have a counsellor, get the best treatment with the help of an oncologist, and allow my heart to heal the inner part of me.

In order to conduct a research, I would start by talking to patients placed with cancer, know how they feel, and what they are thinking about, speak with families who are affected and know the impact it has on them emotionally, mentally,and physically, take surveys, ask survivors what kind of treatment they are undergoing, and observe how long they have lived after the diagnosis. Also, I will meet with different physicians, oncologists, read health magazines, attend cancer seminars, and from these media, I will be taught the best and safest way to outlive cancer and live longer.

In this world of ours, we find out that we are all different: our skin, our attitudes; we are all diversified one way or the other. The one thing that kills us faster is simply our fears. Most of us lose hope and are discouraged, especially when we have no one to help us remain strong, and close by. We simply forget that the only thing that can attract other people to us and help us heal faster is our minds.

I hope I have been able to convince others on how Rhio’s story inspired me in terms of the possible steps I would take, and how I would conduct the research in relationship to cancer. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my views in this situation, and I hope my proposal will be granted favourable acceptance when making your final decision.

By: Jennifer, Ekwealor

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