Man Willing To Beat The Odds

Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Glynis Jones And I would like to tell you a story about me. This story is similar to Rhio’s O Conners story being diagnosed with cancer, and going threw treatments. It all began on July 8, 2008 I went to the doctors to get my result from a mammogram and biopsy which was done on my left breast. It was then the results would change my life forever. The results were Ms Jones you have cancer, at that moment I felt a since of despair as if my life was just about to unfold before me.

It was then that I felt I’m going to die. In all my life I would have never expected me to even have such a thing happen to me. I was diagnosed with DCIS – DUCTAL CARCINOMA IN SITU, an early stage of breast cancer. It develops in the milk duct but generally has no symptoms this type if cancer is non -invasive, which means it stays where it develops. Even so if it is left untreated, it may eventually spread into other parts of the beast. DCIS is also referred to as a stage 0 breast cancer. I was told by my doctor that I would need 13 weeks of radiation depending on the results of a biopsy. I might need chemo; I did not want chemo therapy, I new from research that people lose their hair when going threw chemo treatments. I didn’t want radiation treatment but I was told that I needed the treatments. I received a call from my niece, and she told me Auntie you are going to be all right, she told me she had breast cancer in both breast and went threw chemo and radiation and I ask when was this she told me 3 years ago. None of the family knew she was going threw treatments we all just knew she was sick, she kept her sickness from everyone in the family including her mother my sister.

After learning of her sickness I started feel there is hope she helped me a lot she gave me hope and the will. I knew in my heart I could do this. Faith played a big part; you must have faith and believe. She said to me, Auntie remembered when I was sick all the time and had to go to the hospital, I was going threw treatments. I never knew this about my niece. By her calling me every day and giving me hope and my parents supporting me in every way and telling me everything is going to be alright. I knew every thing would be alright. They said Glynis I feel you are going to be just fine. My mother being a mother felt the doctors were wrong and I didn’t have cancer. She was in denial and I started believing there is nothing wrong with me. But I knew down deep in side that wasn’t so. I started my treatments of radiation, I didn’t need chemo and I was glad I was so happy when I found out because I new of your hair lost threw what my niece had experienced. And I didn’t want to experience that. I felt that would have been the breaking point for me losing my hair. I didn’t need chemo because of the lymph node test result. The treatments were done at Saint Luke’s cancer center in Bethlehem, PA.

The treatments made my skin burn; they had to stop the treatments for a week or so until I heeled. Needless to say I didn’t want any more treatments, but as time went on the days got shorter before you new it my treatments were done 13 weeks went by. The last day of my treatment was truly a blessing I new I didn’t have to come back. Only for my 2 week follow up. Then after that every 2 months but now its down to 1 year when I go back for a check up on my breast. It has been a long road for me, everyone was so caring and wonderful threw my long journey but also it was a wake up call you don’t never think it cant happen to you because it can no matter who, what or where. Especially if cancer runs in your family, you are at risk. My heart goes out Rhio O Conner, his courage his will to live and all the research he encountered over time. Here you had a man willing to beat the odds. And a man of courage, I truly know how he felt when he was told of his prognosis. Know one can tell you how, they no how you feel until it is told to them or they have endured what you have. (Cancer,) and go threw what I and Rhio endured. That is a well known fact. Rhio had the will to live and did all he could to prolong his diagnoses mesothelioma. He did further research on his own he was determine to live no matter what. For further information on mesothelimo click on the link

By: Jones, Glynis

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