I have often pondered the word “success.” The more I think about it, the more I ‘m convinced success is not the prized possessions we gather but it the determination and good will to make our world a better place through the spread of education .I come from a country which is deemed an emerging superpower, but I still can see the injustice and exploitation of poor people because of the lack of education. I’m a mother of a child who has a blood disorder, and I’m fortunate that the best doctors have treated her. What if we did not have the sophistication to know these diseases? We still have lots of diseases that are not understood yet. I saw the value of education in my older child’s class and how her educators are making difference in her life. Education is the answer to all the diseases and injustices of our world. I want to do my part in making this word a better place. I’m ready to fight like Mr. James Rhio O’Connor who had courage and determination to fight adversity. If I were given a dire cancer prognosis and if I did not have my current education through Northern Virginia Community College, it would have been a downhill ride for my family and me. But with the help of my education I would conduct research and make an informed decision when choosing a treatment. My personal philosophy is education is a way to develop our minds. Life is short, but it’s our duty to make it best for others by doing our part.

I need financial help to achieve my goals. I’m a very hardworking, motivated and driven person who wants to make a difference. But due to my current financial situation, I’m having difficulty achieving my dream. I have potential and a good brain ;I don’t want them to be wasted. I want to be able to help others as I’ve received help. These financial difficulties have changed my view of life and inspired me to get an education .My goal is to study medicine. I was trained to be a mother, but this great society has inspired me, enriched me and educated me about how important it is to use my potential. I’ve never realized others’ difficulties until I’ve faced mine. But these financial difficulties should never be a determining factor. As René Descartes summed up, “It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.”

By: Kaur, Navchetan

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