A Plan, Idea Or Option That Is Best For Us

When the word, “cancer” is heard it often emotes feelings of panic and a flood of questions as to what the future holds. Cancer diagnoses have become more common in recent years as we see the effects of years of unwise choices in cancer causing synthetic chemicals in our foods and beauty products, and the daily exposure to our modern environment. In the past, our options for treatment were very limited and often as dangerous as the cancer itself, but we are no longer limited to only chemotherapy or cutting.

My first step as a woman diagnosed with cancer would be to approach it from every aspect, body, soul and spirit. I believe that each part is vital to find complete healing for the body, as each aspect is intertwined and affects the other. There is nothing more empowering than information and for someone who is just becoming familiar with cancer, the medical terms and jargon can often be overwhelming and confusing. It would be important to fully understand what type of cancer the doctor’s have diagnosed and research that particular cancer. Therefore, my first step would be to look up any terms I did not fully understand in a medical dictionary or search for clarification on a medical online site.

After understanding fully what type of cancer I had I would begin to research the cancer itself through the use of the vast library of online medical databases researching everything I could on the subject, from national and international scientifically based journal-published stories to researching stories of those who beat the odds and overcame their “incurable” cancer.

So much research has come out recently on the amazing affect nutrition has on preventing and curing cancer. I believe the best food for the body is the food that is most natural to the body. According to many studies found in top medical journals, all the pesticides and herbicides used in produce have greatly affected our bodies in an unhealthy way. Though doctors may have a vast amount of wisdom in the medical realm, nutrition has often been largely omitted from their education. Because of this, I would also seek out a health practitioner who is knowledgeable in nutrition and versed in alternative medicine. I would research the benefits of a clean diet based on a high diet of organic fruits and vegetables and grains, omitting processed sugars and flours.

During this time I also think it is extremely important to eliminate as many areas of stress as possible, as stress has been known to release toxins in the body and break down the immune system. I would work toward building an exercise program that would help me strengthen my body and release toxins produced by stress.

With all the information and research available to us today we have the ability to make wise choices for our own bodies to help fight cancer. It is important to remember that we can work alongside our doctors with a plan, idea or option that is best for us. The most important part is that our research is valid, scientific, and accurate, and is backed by several sources.

By: Kelly, Lauren Brittany

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