His Grateful Faith

These days, our environment is becoming worse. As the environment get worse, ways to stay our health are paid attention to many people. I don`t have special ways. But I heard that many things about that and try to apply several things in my life.

First, to steady exercise is good for us. It seemed that easy to practice but actually it is hard for us. But once you begin to exercise, you will realize you can get many advantages from exercise. There are many kinds of exercises. Example, swimming, tae kwondo which is one of the Korean sports and it would be helpful to make healthy body, kendo and so on. But I think that it is walking a lot everyday which is simple and best exercise. I always try to walk rather than take any kind of transportation means such as taxi and bus. If my destination is within short distance, I walk to get there. It is useful not to make body healthier and stronger but also to save some money.

Second, it is important to have a balanced diet and to drink plentifully. Reduce animal nature fat and salt intake. Also, increase but do not overeat fish and vegetable. Digesting goes well to evening and the carbohydrate compared to it intakes the protein whose calorie consuming is easy plentifully. Also, I would like to suggest some important nutritional elements. I would say that it might be support to reduce cancerous cell, such as Lycopene and Anthocyanin are abundant in red colored foods. They are related to your heart and prevent cancer. In oriental medicine, they say the redness purifies your blood and increases your appetite. The foods are good for hypertension as well as arteriosclerosis. Some experts say red fights against ageing, too, by getting rid of activated oxygen radicals. In addition, Anthoxanthine fights bad germs, cancers, viruses, allergic reactions and inflammation. It also works against oxidization in the body. Also the foods lower bad cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease. Onions, white beans, mushrooms, garlic, turnips, cabbages and bananas are some of the well known white foods.

It is important for all people, diagnosed with cancer or not, to practice healthy life habits. I had pretty much inspired Mr. James Rhio O’Connor’s life that he overcomes with his grateful faith even though he diagnosed the cancer. I had emulated his strong spirit and I decided that I will conquer all trial in my life.

By: Kim, Maya

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