Faith In Yourself, And Your Capabilities

Many people face problems in their lives. Some easier than others. We cannot predict what is going to happen to us in the future, so what happens when something we did not expect pops up? What happens if you are unexpectedly diagnosed with a deadly cancer? What if that cancer was to limit your life to a certain time, or date? Would you simply follow the doctors orders, or would you go beyond what they say, to find your own answers and prognosis? Rhio O’Conner was diagnosed with the deadly cancer of mesothelioma, and was only given a year to live. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that develops from the protective lining that covers many of the body’s internal organs. He did extensive research on his cancer and learned about the different types of therapies offered. O’Conner beat the odds, and outlived his prognosis by six years. If I was to be suddenly diagnosed with cancer, I too, like Rhio O’Conner, would certainly do my own research, and try to overcome what was said couldn’t be.

The first steps I would take in finding my own answers would be to do some ex-tensive research on the cancer I was diagnosed with. I would read others stories, and find out what worked for them. I might even try to relieve pain using acupuncture. Most of all, I would go beyond physical elements that might cure a person. I would look into the mental and metaphysical ways that a person can heal oneself. Many times, if a per-son is stuck in a certain situation, they are consumed by it. It becomes all they think about, and therefore they prolong the situation. In the movie “The Secret”, they talk about the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that we attract into our lives that which we think about on a daily basis. Well if all I think about is the cancer I have been diagnosed with, then I will continue to attract that cancer into my life, and therefore will never get better. It is hard to think that something as simple as a persons thoughts can cure them, but I truly believe that the mind has incredible healing powers. For example, sometimes patients are given sugar pills in order to treat a certain condition. The patient believes they are taking some medication that will certainly help them get well. They believe the “medication” they are taking, is a real doctors prescription that is meant for their particular diagnosis. They get better, and their condition goes away. They are revealed that what they have been taking after all, is not a real medication, but only sugar pills. The mind is so powerful, that if it truly believes in something, it can be manifested physically.

I would personally live my life as if I did not have the cancer. I would not let it affect my daily actions. I would think positively, and I would prepare for my future without cancer. I would think about all of the actions and activities I’ll be doing in the long run, and I would truly try and feel like the cancer did not exist. It may sound over simplistic, but in the movie “The Secret”, a woman was diagnosed with breast cancer. She did not let that diagnosis affect her, and she continued to live her life as if she was perfectly healthy. In the end, a miracle was committed when the breast cancer went away. Doctors were astounded, and couldn’t figure out why this had happened. Sometimes it takes more than a doctors words, or prescriptions to overcome a milestone like this.

Along with not only feeling like I am healthy, I would practice meditation. Medita-tion also goes along with the metaphysical ways to cure oneself. Meditation requires you to open your mind, and concentrate and focus on that which you really want in your life. It requires you’re full attention. In meditation, you not only focus on what you want, but you truly have to feel what it is that you want, with every cell of your body, no matter what it is. You have to really feel as if you’ve already obtained that which you wish for. I meditate as of now, and have personally found it life changing. I have manifested in my life things like jobs, getting good grades on tests or exams, and even such things like love and patience. You can even manifest ideas such as overcoming an addiction, and you can certainly manifest good health as well. It has worked for centuries in other cultures, and can certainly help in todays.

Overall, I would take great steps in curing myself if i was to be diagnosed with a deadly cancer, like Rhio O’Conner himself. I would not only think positively, about my situation, but I would also use meditation to manifest those positive ideas. I would of course follow the necessary steps my doctor as informed me of, but I would go beyond the normal treatment. I would talk to doctors, and talk to other patients with the same prognosis, and research my condition in order to make an informed decision. Many times people think that the only cure for their situation is what the doctor has told them. They believe that is the only way out. But in many cases you can go far beyond what they have told you and truly have faith in yourself, and your capabilities. Do not let it get to you, for if you do it will only consume you as a whole. To find out more about meso-thelioma and its treatments, please visit the website, Here you can read the stories of other survivors of this rare form of cancer. This too may help with making informed, life changing decisions.

By: Lambert, Tina M.

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