An Important Time Of My Life

An Important Time of My Life

From every people’s birth to this world, there are always a lot of challenges in our lives. For example, we have a lot of growth problems such as education. Most want to go to the best school but they always must pass a lot of hard exams. Also we will have a lot of problems about our characters such as some people always very shame to the others that will make them cannot live well in the society.

But one of the important intersections in our lives is the time when we face the death. For example, Rhio O’Connor was a remarkable man. He was diagnosed with a deadly cancer and given a year to live. Instead of giving up he found his own path to health and outlived his prognosis by more than six years. And finally Rhio survived by intensively researching his cancer. It is a great inspiration for everyone in the world.

If I face the same problem as Rhio such as I was diagnosed by a cancer, I will consider it is the most important time of my life. And I will do a lot of to make me recover from everything that is harmful for me.

First, I will choose the best treatment for my disease. Because the best treatment represent the science and intelligence of human beings and people always solve problems by science and intelligence. The best example is many diseases cannot be cure and always be considered the disasters to human beings such as smallpox that can be overcome by the advanced science. So it is a very great way to treat my disease. Also I will try some new kinds of treatment that always will bring extra effect to people.

Second, I will give myself enough confidence. It is very important and useful for my rest life. I will tell myself that I still have a good chance to live in the world just like other people because human beings always can go over the difficulties they meet in the life. And confidence can give me a good mood and good mood always can give me a good body during my life. I will use a many high technologies such as Internet to get more and more information about the treatment of my disease. Also I will attend a lot of activities related with my disease and I can get a lot of professional information about my disease.

Third, I will try my best to get my life back. For example, I will exercise myself everyday such as jogging. It maybe can give me health effectively. And I will go on my work and it can best prove the value of my life. I will always communicate with the society so that I can live in the society very well. I also will help other people especially similar with me. This maybe can give me more confidence for my life.

These are all I will do if have the same situation as Rhio. I am sure I will make a great progress by these activities. And I believe everyone in the world should have this life which is strong and happy.

By: Li, Xiaofeng

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